Ways To Identify Tech Debt For Fast Repayment

Identifying technical debt is an important and compulsory job which you need to do for speedy repayment. The most important problem of tech debt is that it is not obvious and you cannot see the amount of debt as you can see easily in your account statement in the case of financial debt. Therefore, it is essential for you as well as your development team to know all the indicators so that you can recognize tech debt. Every team has its velocity and whenever you see that velocity decreasing you must admit that some tech debts are exists in your project.

Use Automated Tools

Age of the software is an indicator of tech debt. When the system uses very old libraries which are no longer maintained or are more productive in a new version, it acts as an indicator. This old software is so old that it may not support the system. It is possible to measure tech debt even partially if correctly figured with the help of various automated tools that are available to quantify tech debt. With the help of such tools, you can find out the violations that are made while designing the code. You can ensure that important metrics like cyclomatic complexity, method size and appropriate class is followed while designing a clean code.

Find Structural Problems     

You can find structural problems in your code with the help of some specific automated tools which include cyclic dependencies. In such cases when a change is made in a specific code, it automatically affects another who is related to it some way or the other. You can solve this problem simultaneously changing the codes, but ideally, it should be cone independently. It is also possible to find the complex codes which have too many dependencies. Such codes would be very hard to bring out any change as the development team has to understand too many classes and package.

Quantum Of Code Coverage

There are some code coverage tools which can detect the quantum of code that is covered really by such automated tests. But you must handle such tools with care as there are no specific guidelines for its usage. Usually, when coverage is more than 90% it is good to test coverage and below 75% should be taken into consideration seriously. There are some tech debts which cannot be measured directly. Reasons for such debts may be clumsy solutions, well-executed but wrongly designed code, improper choice of technology, or simply evil hacks.

There are people who are either trapped in tech debt or credit card debt and many of them find no way how to get out of it. Consolidating can be a good idea but many have no knowledge how to consolidate credit card debt. Check online for complete information and find easy way how you can go ahead and make things easy for yourself.

Frequent Problems In Production

When you see that there are problems in production more than often, you must consider it to be an indicator for tech debt. It would also mean that the problems are so extensive that it is no longer possible for it to operate and function without any issue. Sooner such problems are solved it is better as it is cheaper to rework on defective codes early. Once you detect you must immediately communicate about the debt to refactor it.

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