The Risks of Signing Up For Cheap VPS Services

Getting cheap VPS plans is obviously welcome but not at the cost of services you get from your host. VPS plans are found to be an ideal middle ground between shared hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans. In VPS hosting, an entire server is divided to create many virtual servers. Each of these can function independent of the others. Each can run its own version of an operating system, whether you choose Linux or Windows. So, with cheap VPS hosting, you can enjoy nearly all the advantages of dedicated hosting services minus the high costs.

How can you get cheap VPS plans?

It is indeed possible to get cheap VPS when you choose to sign up for unmanaged hosting solutions. Here, the responsibilities of server management rest with the client and not the vendor. This is far cheaper compared to managed VPS plans, but is not a wise solution if you do not have a capable IT team for support. It is also possible to get a cheap VPS hosting service when you settle for Linux servers. Linux is open source and therefore has no licensing fees, unlike Windows. So, Linux VPS plans are cheaper compared to Windows VPS hosting plans.

What are the risks of choosing cheap VPS plans?

  • In an attempt to settle for cheap VPS solutions, you may be putting your business at risk. There are obvious reasons to search for the lowest priced VPS plans. It means that when you do not have to pay a lot on your hosting solutions, you can utilize the savings for generating more profits. But some of these apparently low-priced plans may cause great damage to your business reputation and credibility.
  • When you choose cheap VPS plans, chances are that you will be given poor quality of service. You must understand that your web hosting provider is also trying to save money and keep its costs low. The vendor too wants to maximize his profits and they are likely to offer low-quality of services when you pay less.
  • One of the places where the vendor can definitely save a lot of money is the data center. The data center facility is, without any doubt, the basis for any web hosting service and when you lack a well-connected and redundant facility, your entire hosting can collapse at any time. The redundant network is likely to have many such equipments and devices that may not be used on a daily basis. So, web hosting providers that offer cheaper plans are more than likely to invest in poor quality data centers which may not have backup provisions at all. Since these equipments are not needed on a daily basis, they save money by not buying these in the first place. But clients who have faced frequent downtimes know how important it is to have a redundant data center.
  • It is true that in a VPS environment a single server is home to many virtual servers. So, the physical server must be of good quality. Without branded and reliable servers, you cannot enjoy quality VPS hosting. At the same time, it is possible for vendors to offer cheap VPS plans through what is called overselling. In this, the provider will sell a plan which exceeds the maximum power of the server. This proves to be dangerous for businesses because when their performance demands start to overshoot the server capacity, the applications become slow and unresponsive.

Finally, there are many vendors which will provide their hosting services at very low costs in the first few years. However, when the contract is renewed, you will find that you have to pay a much higher amount. So, you should consider these situations before you sign up with any host.

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