The Future of Tech: 3 Things to Expect in the Coming Years


If anyone would have told us just two decades ago that the mobile phones we’ll be carrying around in our pockets will have the processing power of a smaller supercomputer, I think any of us would’ve laughed the visionary in the face. We wouldn’t have been right, of course – technology keeps evolving at a pace we wouldn’t have thought was possible, providing us with devices and technologies we wouldn’t have expected. Technology is still evolving, though, with new solutions emerging every week. Let’s play visionary for a while, and try to see where today’s state of technology will evolve, say, in the next decade.

Smartphones will evolve into something… else

The smartphone is the apogee of a long evolutionary process started in the 1970s. While today’s handsets are far more sophisticated than anything before them, they have retained their basic functions – they can initiate and receive voice calls and text messages over an ever-evolving wireless radio network. To do this, they need a SIM card, used by the phone to connect to the network, identify the user, and offer the user access to the various wireless services.

The next logical step for the smartphone is to lose the SIM card, and rely on the internet to offer communication services. We already have quite a few internet-based voice, text, and video communication services at hand – these will, in time, replace the cell network, relying exclusively on an internet-connection to keep us in touch.

Games will go virtual

Virtual reality has been a dream for many in the past. It had a short-lived flame-up in the 1990s, but didn’t become mainstream. Today it’s back, opening up a whole new world for players, travelers, and general computer users alike. And, although it didn’t “explode” just yet, virtual reality is here to stay.

In time, all gaming will become virtual – even online casinos. Players will soon be able to access Euro Palace Australia using their VR headsets, stepping through its virtual gates, and actually interacting with its games and personnel through cyberspace. The Euro Palace already has the technology at hand – Microgaming, the developer behind the Euro Palace game library, has showcased its VR solution at last year’s ICE Totally Gaming. And it was awesome, combining the performance of Oculus with Leap Motion’s controller to offer complete freedom and perfect interaction in cyberspace. Soon, Euro Palace will offer players a fully immersive environment, one step closer to the real thing.

Tesla’s dream comes true

Nikola Tesla has dreamed of a world with no wires, where power is transmitted wirelessly over the air. In the near future at least a part of his dreams will come true: wireless charging for our devices will become a reality. There are already some solutions for this, but none of them are mainstream just yet – they will become, though, in the near future.

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