Technical Backlog Is The Best Practice For Technical Work

When you want to deal with tech debt, you must know the best practice to do so. The technical backlog is the best practice which may be followed to define technical work packages purely. The different jobs for this purpose are created in the task tracker which can also be done in the requirement management tool. Each task should be followed by proper documentation. Each document should include a brief description of the technical change to be made within the code, the reason and importance of such change to be brought, and also in which part of the code the change has to be made.

Benefits Of It

All this would help the future developer to find faults in the code, know the areas in the code where reworking has been done and in several other ways. Apart from it, you would come to know about the need for estimation of the interest which is inherent in the code. It is true that a precise and actual estimation is very difficult to make regarding interest to be paid for clearing tech debt but even a rough estimation like small, medium or high is helpful enough to guide to take the proper decision. This estimation is a probability figure which says how likely the code would be read or changes made shortly.

Make A Unanimous Decision

The approach is beneficial in many ways as it helps in making tech debt clearly visible to everybody. You can make a unanimous decision with the help of such approach whether or not any refactoring work is required to make and when. The quantum of the impact of future code changes can be done based on the estimated effort and time required for bringing about the change. It is easy for you to track the cost of each task with a clear distinction between featured task and technical task. You must ensure that you have prioritized the task with proper consideration about the backlog.

Relief To The Customer

Changes that are brought in this way help the customers as it is not possible for the customer to do this to the fullest extent. They can neither determine the technical issue nor the value of the technical task required as they do not have the requisite knowledge of the software. It is also not possible for a customer to know about the actual requirement for such purely technical tasks and understand the benefit of such jobs for the business. There may be several cases where there may be some mistrust as to why a technical task without a customer relevant feature is required.

Decide On Updates 

Using such a practice, you may decide on whether or not any updates must be done to the code. Also, you must decide several other factors during such update namely, cost, necessity and risk involved. The technical backlog is suitable for expensive changes like replacement in web framework for a business reason. You may check online to know situations when refactoring is required and work on the defective code accordingly.

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