Apr 062012

Sony Mobile India has

Tela Andrews

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  16 Responses to “Sony Xperia S to hit Indian Market on April 10”

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  1. Phone’s look is so simple and great, I love to have this phone in my hand. Even the camera quality impressed me. Waiting for its launch.

  2. Well, Xperia other models are very popular and now this new Experia model is now in my purchase list bcoz i loves to try new Phones specialy smart phones.

    12.1 MP camera is awesome! Naser what you think if we compare Samsung galaxy s2 with this Experia model which one is best ?

    • I would go for Samsung Galaxy S2 because till now I have used 3 Sony models and all of them hang frequently.

  3. The camera is so advance at 12MP. I’m also waiting for this one to launch in the Philippines.

  4. wow….Xperia S has so powerful camera. But I guess it will be affordable for only high class people

  5. this phone’s design attracted me. 3 days to go of its launch. thanks Naser for sharing the news about this.

  6. Wow I love the all specification. One more day left hope we will get hands on Review.
    Thanks Naser for sharing this info.

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