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Social technology is dominating the world, everybody knows what Facebook and Twitter are, and most people have an account there. Now-a-days even most businesses have some sort of social technology involved in their business. Research from McKinsey Global Institute from late 2012 put the figure at 72% – 72% of business report using social technology within their business, that’s a huge percentage of companies. But, McKinsey also found out how much potential we have failed to unlock with social technologies, and the numbers are very surprising.

With so much potential still to unlock, the great success and results that businesses are already seeing from social technologies are just the start, and there is a lot more we could do to utilize these new technologies to their full potential.

Current State of Social Tech in the Workplace

  • 72% of businesses report using social technology within their company
  • But, only 3% of those 72% are seeing substantial benefits from their efforts
  • Productivity could be improved by up to 25% in some workers through the use of social technology
  • Collaboration is improved by up to 66% in businesses who have implemented social technology
  • Using social technologies to replace conventional methods of business could save thousands of dollars and hours of time, for example by using free phone conferencing services instead of conventional meetings, or messaging services for marketing instead of manual one-by-one marketing which is very time-consuming

The Connected Workspace Infographic (By mindjet and JESS3)

As you can see, the infographic breaks things down into two parts; the current situation, and the potential value which we’re yet to realise. Some of the best ways social technology can help businesses right now include:

Free Phone / Video Conferencing
Conventional meetings and conferences can be very time consuming and expensive (especially if there are travel and accommodation costs involved), by utilising technology you can actually hold conferences and meetings online for free! This will cut costs and save time for your employee’s, as they can participate in the meeting from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a computer with internet connectivity.

Improved Collaboration
Through use of social technology, companies can store most of their files on the cloud, enabling them to collaborate much more easily with everyone involved. Gone are the days of having to wait for documents to be faxed or mailed over, now-a-days everything can be hosted securely on the cloud with instant accessibility to everyone who needs it.

Reduced Costs
Social technologies can be used to automate or vastly cut costs on many tasks which businesses take on every day. Tasks such as marketing, collaboration and conferencing (as outlined above), reduced travel costs, reduced training costs – with shared knowledge on online wiki’s, discussion forums, cloud based file sharing etc.

Social technologies are a great tool for businesses, it’s not just something for the personal user. Facebook is now ranked as the #2 website in the world (in terms of daily traffic) by Alexa, so by having your business on Facebook you’re automatically gaining possible exposure to a huge audience.

Now is the time to embrace the power of social technology!

Author Bio: The author of this article has worked in design and marketing for the past 10 years. He recommends using FreeConferencing.com for your free phone conferencing needs!

Nathan Rossiter

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Justin Thomson - February 22, 2013

Great! The exclusive Infographic really sounds cool about the connected workspace. It’s technologically looking one of well written source about regarding features.Mobile App Development

Sarah Park - February 24, 2013

Social media is very useful in promoting a business. But proper strategies and knowledge is needed to effectively promote.

lalithaa - March 5, 2013

Social media have wide hand, in that we can learn whatever it may be. if we use social media in correct way it will uplift our work or otherwise it will be entertainment…

John Mak - March 6, 2013

Nathan, web conferencing is a very unique and powerful web tool that can reduce money and time! Great online meeting software is GoToMeeting from Citrix and Webex from Cisco, two trusted and reliable companies. Thanks for sharing!


Ludwig - March 11, 2013

Even if only 3% of the businesses see the benefits of using social media, they forget that using Facebook and other social networks gives their business more trust in people’s eyes. I think that the 28% of the businesses that don’t use social media is missing out big time.

Frank Steiner - April 1, 2013

I believe social media will become way more important in the near future. Firms can easily target potential customers thanks to social media now. It is going to get better and better.

RaviTeja - September 16, 2015

The infographic speaks it all. Social Networking has the potential, while many lack the right implementation to explore and exploit all the advantages.! It just needs some smart work and patience, as I can see..! You’ve narrowed down many points in your infogrpahic. Really awesome job. Cheers 🙂


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