Simple Steps to Recover Inaccessible Data from an External Hard Drive

Hard drive of your computer is main storage house of your entire data. With time the data in your hard drive increases and thus, many of you start facing shortage of space. To overcome such situations external hard drives work as a boon as you can transfer or store plenty of data in them. Today, you have external hard drives having capacities up to terabyte. You can use an external hard drive as backup disk to store your precious archived data as well as transfer all your recent data. That means you can use your external hard drive as extendable storage space or data backup disk of your data.

However, have you ever thought that what would you do, if you come across a situation in which, you lose data from your external hard drive? Many times users encounter situations like accidental deletion of data, unexpected formatting of external hard drive, improper insertion and deletion procedure, presence of bad sectors, and sudden virus attack in which, their external hard drive gets corrupt and its entire content becomes inaccessible. No doubt loss or inaccessibility of precious data is heart breaking, but in such situations use of an efficient hard drive recovery software can do the needful.

Using a professional hard drive recovery tool and recovering all inaccessible or lost data from it is not a difficult task, however, you have to follow certain steps by which, you can perform this task easily:

  • Stop using the affected external hard drive immediately: Data storage devices like hard drives (internal or external) are designed in a way that a deleted data is not completely erased from it. Instead only the entries of any deleted data are deleted from its Index table. Due to the unavailability of a deleted data in the Index table, the Operating System marks the space occupied by the data as free to use. If the new data is written over this affected external hard drive, then the system may overwrite this space and make it unrecoverable. Therefore, it is recommended to stop using the affected external hard drive until you recover your data through a robust data recovery tool.

  • Download an effective data recovery program: Search for an effective hard drive recovery software that has simple user interface and uses efficient data recovery mechanism. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is one such tool.

  • Attach your external hard drive to this computer: Attach your affected external hard drive to the computer on which, you have downloaded and installed the hard drive recovery software.

  • Scan the affected hard drive for all recoverable data: Scan the attached hard drive with the help of this software. Generally, an effective tool gives good response as it shows maximum number of deleted or inaccessible files during or after scan.

  • Perform recovery of files with the software: After scanning the external hard drive for all recoverable data, the software gives you option to recover all these scanned files. After pressing ‘Recover’ button of a reliable tool, you will be asked to save all the recovered files at default location or at your desired location.

In this way you can perform successful recovery of all your inaccessible files with robust hard drive recovery software.

Oliver Powell

Oliver is an enthusiastic writer and copy editor at Stellar Data Recovery, facilitate powerful file recovery program and various other hard drive Recovery Software.

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Jemma Taylor - December 3, 2012

I was searching for my data when I came to your website! I nearly gave up hope thinking I had lost my office work for good…Thanks a ton for your great tips…living proof that it works!

Felicia - January 16, 2013

Hi Oliver,
The deletion of an important file happened to me recently by accident. While I was browsing my portable hard drive on my laptop, as I was about to execute the file using enter, my cat jumped to my table and accidentally pressing delete before I pressed enter. The problem with portable hard drives is that deleted files do not go to the recycle bin. Fortunately, I had an undelete tool which proved valuable to me for the first time as the spreadsheet that was deleted was very important for my work.


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