Samsung plans to buy mSpot, a rival of Spotify.

Samsung, one of the leading names in Smartphone Technology, has recently announced plans to buy mSpot, a major rival of Spotify, a music streaming service. This is part of an ongoing plan to bring a new bespoke cloud based streaming app directly to the Samsung range of smartphones running on Android. A South Korean newspaper reported that Samsung have paid out almost nine million dollars for the company. mSpot was one of the first cloud based media services, like Spotify, having launched in 2004. It is already available as an independent smartphone app, again like Spotify, which allows users to access music stored in the ‘cloud’ and even stream personalised radio stations directly to their mobile device.


The mSpot service adds to deals Samsung have already made with major media companies including Disney, Paramount, Lionsgate and Sony; all of which will contribute to their recently revealed S Cloud service currently in development. TJ Kang, the SVP of Samsung Media Solution Centre, said in his statement,

“mSpot shares our vision to bring a best-in-class cloud and streaming entertainment experience to consumers and they’ve backed it up with great technical solutions.” His attestations were backed up by mSpot CEO Daren Tsui, who added, “Samsung is unparalleled in terms of global reach and cutting edge devices. With our combined resources, we are looking forward to redefining media consumption across the mobile universe with cloud services.”

The major rival to Samsung’s new S Cloud service is, of course, Apple’s iTunes. Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market; although Samsung has done wonders over the past few years, thanks to flagship phones such as those from the Galaxy range. When ever Samsung launches their service, they will have a fierce fight on their hands, especially with the iPhone SJ set for release and the iPhone 5 probably just around the corner. Samsung, however released new samsung mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII, set to build on the well-established success of Galaxy S and SII.

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Peter @ Samsung Galaxy S3 - May 25, 2012

This is one major step for Samsung to bring entertainment to the cloud. I’m a big fan of Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones. I hope the S3 will have the mSpot pre-installed when it is available for sale in my country.

Ahsan@Tech Blogger - May 27, 2012

Its a great step taken by Samsung for music lovers. Now its time to see what iphone will do

Vinod Kumar - October 14, 2012

From what it seems samsung has tied up with spotify recently to deliver the music. And they did not by mspot.


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