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When the user wants to transfer the DVD file from their DVD to their Mac portable device they usually copy the file and then paste it to the desired location. This process usually hampers the quality of the video which the user might obviously not want. There are various DVD ripper for Mac devices but which is the best and the most users friendly is the question. DVDFab DVD ripper for Mac is the best DVD ripper for Mac devices. Though DVD is still the most sought after hard drive to save movies but the portability of such movies is in demand.

The user only has to download the trial version of the DVDFab DVD ripper for Mac. It is available for a 30 day trial period. After this the users can opt for the paid version. They just have to spend $49 for the Mac version of this software. It is also available for the windows devices. It is easy, strong and very flexible. They cater to every demand of the user to rip the DVD. It is programmed to convert almost all the video file formats into the most compatible multimedia players used in today’s Mac devices.


This software is made to accommodate the amateurs as well as the professional requirement of the users. If the users like portability for their movies then DVDFab DVD ripper for Mac is the best possible answer to rip the DVD and convert it onto portable file formats for the Mac devices. There are a few system requirements that are to be met for this software such as it requires a Mac version of above 10.6, a RAM of about 512 MB or above, a working DVD drive, a 20 GB free disk space, a live internet connection and an Intel R processor.

Within a gap of few minutes the user gets the converted DVD on their Mac devices. It supports almost all the video formats such as the Xvid, AVI, FLV, MPEG-4, DivX and various other formats which are compatible with various Mac devices. Apart from the DVD video conversions it also accommodates the audio conversions in various popular formats. There are almost 100 given profiles in the software and almost about 20 output formats that the user can chose to convert their ripped DVD files into. It is very handy software as the user can choose where to begin the chapter and where to end it in the DVD.

It transfers the complete power to the user to actually make any changes in the various parameters of the DVD file format like the bit rate of the audio as well the video format, the frame size, resolutions and cropping various frames with the DVD. It guarantees not to tamper the quality of the original DVD. It actually produces a better one indeed. It has the batch conversion option for a faster speed. Just for $49, the user gets so many features in hand which is actually a good deal to get.


Pulkit Juneja

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