New Details Leaked Regarding LG G4’s Display

The LG G3 has been put into the phablet category because of its huge 5.5 inches display. The display was superior over other smartphones in the market by that time; but now the market is very competitive regarding these ultra-powerful gadgets. The upcoming flagship from LG; the LG G4 could push the superiority even further with a new type of display – at least that’s what we know from some legit leaks. There has been few reports on the LG G4 that claims LG is about to put a bigger 5.6 inches display on their upcoming flagship smartphone, the LG G4.

The LG G4 Display

LG G3 had a 2K display on board. And G3 was the first smartphone to launch a 2K smartphone device – that’s a huge leap before anyone else got to do the job. The step that LG had taken was later followed by many other manufacturers but not all of them chose to put a 2K display. LG G4; which is probably going to be the next flagship smartphone device from LG is likely to have a bumped up display resolution. No, not a 4K display yet. But nobody had said a smartphone can’t have 3K displays.

The display aspect ratio and dimension the smartphones usually have these days can easily accommodate a display bigger enough to have 3k resolution. Since LG was the first company to introduce 2K displays in traditional hand held smartphones, we certainly have faith on LG this time as well.

Asking for a 3K display on a smartphone just yet could be too much to ask, but not that much if the company being asked is LG. On the other hand, LG has more surprises to unveil. What if the display is slightly bent in a productive way, just like the LG G Flex series? The new G Flex 2 that had been released recently, have a 1080p display on a curved panel. The panel might look weird at first glance, but as you get used to your device more you know how much it helps with your daily tasks and entertainment.

Even though the LG G Flex 2 had a curved display, we don’t expect the same gesture on a G series smartphone. Curved displays are LG’s forte but not on every series of their devices.

What are the other features related to the display? Well, we aren’t quite sure yet. Chances are, the LG G4 might include a stylus this time – even though this rumor seemed too hazy to be true. Why would LG introduce a Galaxy Note like stylus out of the blue? Or maybe they would. But the Note market is always in Samsung’s best grip and LG shouldn’t get into a fight to grab that meal.

Other features might include a fingerprint scanner for enhanced security. Android Lollipop offers more security by default on Android ecosystem, a fingerprint scanner would only add to that.


For more detailed leaks on hardware specs and other technical details, we need time. However, these leaks on the display seemed to be valid – let’s see how many supporting articles we can find on this.

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