Necessity, Prerequisite and Benefits of a paragon Auditor for Active Directory

Due to the occurrence of security breaches, auditing the Microsoft Active Directory is becoming a crucial activity in the business networks. The in-built auditing features within the Active Directory does not  meet the basic requirements that are needed for smoothly carrying out the business needs which includes upholding compliance,  troubleshooting, security auditing, change tracking and change control.

Moreover, the event logs in windows are not stored centrally in a relational database therefore if need emerges to track any suspected activity using the Event viewer it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even a single unauthorized change in the Active Directory can affect the complete enterprise and its productivity. The native tools for auditing are not capable enough to audit and report centrally.

Need of an Auditor for Active Directory Tool:

Unauthorized changes in the security group membership or deliberate/accidental deletion of OU often results in the tedious task which requires the elbow grease to be put in by the administrator.  To avoid such activities or undo them, the administrators have to remain alert every time. Moreover, to unwrap the undesirable changes, the basic information who, when, where did the changes is also required.  Keeping track of performed activities and monitoring the user actions is a measure which helps in increasing the organization’s productivity and fulfilling the security compliance requirements. Furthermore, the timely acknowledgement of the undesirable changes or activities can help the administrators to take proper actions in time.

How Auditor for Active Directory Tool helps in management of AD?

With a comprehensive Auditor for Active Directory tool user can efficiently track multiple domains within the network centrally. Also, it can provide the details of any changes done in user account along with minor details, helps to generate scheduled reports providing details of all day changes, ad-hoc reports and real time alerts on occurrence of any critical events.

Furthermore, an efficient auditor for active directory is also capable to rollback the unwanted changes which helps to avoid security breaches and unexpected outage. It facilitates the user to take snapshots which can be used to bring AD to a previous state of past.  A considerable amount of time is saved by using such tool which otherwise would have spent in identifying and restoring the unwanted changes. Moreover, all the changes can be undone at once. In such secured AD environment no scope is left for any sort of risks such as fraud activities, security breach or compliance violation.

Meeting all these requirements and much more, Auditor for active directory is an advanced and sophisticated utility that tracks and control the undesirable changes made in the Active Directory. It tracks the changes by generating the minor details as who, what, when and where did the changes. Ad-hoc Reports, Real-time alerts, scheduled reports, etc. are timely generated for tracking the changes.  Furthermore, it preserves the compliance of acts and standards of the organization such as PCI, SOX, HIPPA, ITIL, etc. Also, it saves a considerable amount of user’s time by allowing him to restore all changes using a single click.


Managing the active directory by keeping track of all changes and monitoring the unauthorized activities is a key to a secured Active Directory environment. An efficient Auditor for Active Directory tool is the perfect solution to enjoy a risk free AD environment


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Steve Smith

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Jeorge book - February 27, 2013

Thanks for this nice information. This is really useful. Could you please update that after this we wont be using any third party tools any more or yes we would be using a third party tool if needed because still many much work are there that are to be used by a third party tools only.

please update this also back.


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