Important Measures for Data Security in Your Organization

In organizations, security of data is kept on priority in order to maintain the smooth business flow. To run a business, an entrepreneur needs to keep track of safety of all the business related data, which is the most challenging task. You, as an employee also know the importance of the data. Therefore, for an owner as well as an employee, data security is equally important and is a major concern. Below are some of the measures reflecting data safety in an organization:

Empower your Computer with Strong Passwords
Establishing a strong password is one of the easiest and most crucial things you can do to make it harder for others to break your computer’s security. According to experts, in order to keep a hard-to-crack password, keep it minimum 8 and maximum 12 characters long. Moreover, put a combination of lower and upper case letters, symbols and numbers. It is highly recommended to not use personal data as a password, including birth date, name, or anything that is publically related to you. You should also change the password every 90 days as per industry norms.

Install Adequate Security Software
Choosing a commendable antivirus software program reflects your concern towards your important data lying on the computer. Antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware are used as weapons to fight against the attackers. Therefore, defend your computer with strong security software.

Keep Updated Programs on your Computer
You must be aware of the fact that the security programs are great with their recent updates. It should always be kept in mind to update or upgrade the security software at regular intervals. Naturally, the updates are built keeping an eye on new technologies used by the hackers or criminals. Hence, older versions do not have the power to create magic.

Backup Data Frequently
A highly recommended technique ‘Data Backup’ is the easiest thing you can do to avoid data loss. You cannot prevent events like corruptions, crashes etc. from occurring, however, if they occur, you still get access to the data from backup. Experts suggest taking incremental data backup everyday and full backup every week.

Stay Attentive while Surfing the Web
It is not wondering if your computer gets impacted badly while surfing the web. When you access some website, email etc. containing any kind of malware, they immediately get into your computer. Similarly, you should be careful enough while opening an attachment or clicking on a link of an email as they may throw viruses that spread across the network. Avoid accessing suspicious websites, links or emails.

Despite adopting these useful measures, you sometimes, might come across the data loss if severe corruption occurs. Sometime, recovering files after formatting becomes difficult and even impossible. To deal with the data loss, it is recommended to use intelligent data recovery software written by experts. These are the applications that solve the purpose in any kind of corruption and provide you with the whole data you lost access to. You can get such software online.

Oliver Powell

Oliver is an enthusiastic writer and copy editor at Stellar Data Recovery, facilitate powerful file recovery program and various other hard drive Recovery Software.

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Jaya - March 19, 2013

I have to admit that I’m too lazy to back up my files, good thing hubby is a little OC when it comes to making sure that all our files especially our photos have backup files.


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