How LG’s Game World landing on its own Smart TVs

Few years ago it became clear that the concept of 3D TV was not working out for Panasonic, Sony and many other television manufacturing companies. You would ask that what could have caused that. Basically, consumers were not positively and widely affected by the idea of having 3D televisions. This led manufacturers to move from providing tech to content. For example, smart TVs with ability to stream videos and social networking (e.g. Facebook) were built.

Having video games in your television with your other entertainment such as Latino Satelite, is also a tech to content movement.

As you know, LG has been offering games via Smart TV application store, for quite some time. Now it is launching Game World, a new gaming portal. According to LG, this Smart TV game portal will be launched in the second half of this year. LG claimed that it anticipates a new era of downloadable casual 3D games and hence has built Game World only for its Cinema 3D Smart TV lineup.

Game World provides a very user friendly mechanism for searching, purchasing and playing game applications that are available via an intuitive interface. Games will be available in both, 2D and 3D. Many games for this portal will be compatible with the LG Magic Remote accessory. This accessory allows voice, movement and gesture control.


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Shane - September 28, 2012

Great article! I have always admired the Smart TV technology and it’s feature on LG phones. Thanks for this informative article!

Sagar Sharma - October 2, 2012

LG’s smart TV is just awesome! 🙂
Thanks for your great post Sarah!

Felicia - October 10, 2012

Hi Sarah,
LG sure has come a long way since its Goldstar days. In fact, we are particularly fond of LG products as not only are they robust and reliable, but they are also more affordable as compared to other brands with the same quality. Although we don’t have a 3D TV as of yet (I still think there’s not enough content for the upgrade), this move LG is pioneering may be the start of something new.


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