iPhone 8 Rumors Going Viral Over The Web

Anyone who will see us talking about iPhone 8, might find it amusing enough! But we come with things that are not really normal, but good to to read about anyways!

iPhone stands for interactive phone. iPhone has stood up to this name of well enough. iPhone has always been the hot favourite of all! iPhone 6 and 6 plus were impressive ones, and now here we are talking about expected releases by Apple. iPhone 7 is ready, based upon fire in rumors and there is great time for the release of iPhone 8. Anyways, getting back to our subject of discussion, here we are to talk about the expected features, release dates, and pricings!

iPhone 8 specifications haven’t been discussed right now! But we can surely make approximations, and rough sketch about how would the phone turn out to be.

Getting into the details, here they are!


The display size has been increasing per iPhone series. So we are expecting a 6 inch display this time. Anything more than that would be a tablet, and hence that’s all we can decipher about it. Apple is now concentrating on the OLED display ! Instead of LCD display this could be success on a different level! The display will come with Gorilla Glass and unbreakable glass to an extent.


Of what the rumours have been, 14 MP in Iphone 7 with a 4 MP front facing camera. So iPhone 8 is expected to have 20 MP main camera with 6 MP front camera. Selfie’s turned better, isn’t it?

Memory & RAM

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come in different variants as per the previous launches and will come with 64 GB Variant, 128 GB Variant And 256 GB Variant. RAM of the device would be 8 GB and the device would be working at a whooping speed!


As per the rumors on the web, iPhone 7 is going to be powered with Li-On battery. That would be powering the device for around 18 Hrs on use on 3G. So iPhone 8 will be giving the same of 18 Hrs of usage on 4G. We are hoping that apple will increase the battery power that is much needed on this device.

iPhone 7 is expected during first quarter of the next year! And iPhone 8 would be no sooner than the first quarter of 2017! A long way to go for the release!

iPhone 7 is expected to be priced between 1099 $ to 1499 $. So roughly estimating, the price of iPhone 8 would be little higher and the price of the device would be between 1199 $ to 1599$. Expensive enough its going to be! However there hasn’t been any news about the official prices and release dates! So we wait until the company comes with announcements!

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