Internet security : How can it help small businesses?

The Internet is mostly used in business. You need an internet connection for you to share your files and important documents to your customer or to your client online, but this alone cannot stop the threat of cyber attack. The best thing that you can do is to put a secure cover to your internet connection to prevent your small business from being compromised.

Here are some Internet Security ways to take away your small business from cyber attacks:



Know the current climate

Cyber attack is always there all the time. Most of the hackers like to attack companies, whether it is big or a small one. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, it shows that one in the 40 small businesses are at risk online. Most of the small businesses affected don’t have a strong security system.

Make sure that you encrypt all of your sensitive data

Data encryption is one of the best ways to protect you and your business online. VPN is a tool that can encrypt all of your internet files. When your files are already encrypted, no one can view your tracks nor activities you have done online, unless they have a tool to decrypt it. With a VPN, you can make all of your files secure and protected.

Never forget to maintain a very strong firewall

Setting up your firewall is the first thing you need to do if you want to secure your small business away from the hackers and cyber attacks. It is the first line of defense on covering all of your data. As one of your main defense, always remember to update it regularly.

Install an antivirus protection

There is a big difference between a firewall and an antivirus software. A firewall is a cover up that will block the unknown and uncategorized activities that will reach your computer, while the antivirus software can detect all malware and viruses that can harm your computer. Setting up an antivirus software or mobile application can protect your small business away from malware.

Create a lock for your laptop and mobile phones

When you are connecting to the internet, the easiest way to go online is through your mobile phone but these portable devices (e.g. laptops and mobile phones), are the easiest to hack. Remember to make your employees who are using laptops and mobiles to change it regularly.

Always remember to backup

The duplicate copy of your works is really important. All of those files should be save in a separate location. If your files got hacked, got corrupted by a malware or accidentally deleted, at the very least, you still have an extra copy of your work.

Educate your employees

Make your employees understands the importance of online security, like updating their password regularly, connecting to secure Wi-Fi networks and avoiding the click bait. If they can keep up with the small things, you can handle the bigger security needs together.

Make a unified front

If you want to have a strong standard for cyber security, you must start at the top. Make your leadership skills committed in the secure environment so does your employees will obey you too.

Create an incident response plan

It is vital to have an incident response plan. Everyone in your business should know what to do once an online attack happened. If the customer’s data are infected, notify them as soon as possible.

Have a security policy

Even if you have a small business, never forget to tell all of your employees to know your company’s security policy and that it should be implemented throughout the duration of their employment. Never forget to tell all your employees to keep all software up-to-date and its importance; hackers are everywhere and can attack you anytime, so be wary!

Having a secured and protected internet connection for all your files is one of the best things that you can do keep your small business safe. Getting secured online is not that expensive, just remember these simple ways and you can get the secured online connection for your small business that suits you well.



Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson is an analyst at FrootVPN who has a passion for writing about Internet security and online privacy. He is also into travel, photography and keeping himself busy with freelance writing every weekend. @OnlyNathSimpson

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