Importance and Future of Big Data Hadoop Courses

We all know that Administrations and companies are all collecting lots of data these days: files, pictures, transactions. Why? The solution is that data is extremely valued, examining all data lets us do things like detect fraud, increase revenue etc. These days too data storage is cheap. We can afford to store all that data, but there is a problem. All that data won’t fit anymore on a single processor or storage device, so we have to dispense it across thousands of nodes. If it is distributed, and we run in parallel, we can calculate number of times faster and do things we couldn’t perchance do earlier. And that is the importance of Hadoop.

Who can learn Big Data and Hadoop Courses?  

  1. Analytics Experts
  2. BI/ETL/DW Experts
  3. Project Managers
  4. Testing Experts
  5. Mainframe Specialists
  6. Software Creators and Engineers
  7. Graduates aiming to build a successful career around Big Data

What can you do with Big Data Hadoop?

Suppose you want to look for an image extent across many thousands of files. First of all, Hadoop has to know where that data goes then query something, call the name node in all the places where the data file is located. Once it has reckoned that out, it directs your job out for each one of those nodes. Each one of those mainframes autonomously reads its input file, and then each one of them looks for the image and composes the result out to a local output file. That is all done in parallel. When they all report finished, you are done.big-data-certification

There is a lot more you can do from image recognition to statistical data analysis. You can calculate mean, averages, correlations, all sorts of other data. For example: You might want to look at unemployment versus population versus income versus Country. If you have all the data in Hadoop, you can easily do that. You can also do machine learning and all sorts of other analysis. Once you have got the data in Hadoop, there is almost no limit to what you can do.

In Hadoop, data is constantly spread, equally the input and the output. There is more to it than that. The data is also simulated. Replicas are kept of all the data chunks, so if one node falls over, it doesn’t disturb the result. That is why Hadoop is steadfast.

Importance of Big Data Hadoop Courses

Reports say that 56% of businesses will upturn their asset in big data over the following four years.

The next big thing in the market is big data and you need to take people with the right skills and technology with which they will be able to work on big data since there is a massive increase in number of big data and Hadoop jobs.

Data scientists are paid more than CAs, Doctors and Engineers – You can learn big data technology and go for data scientist certifications and expert Hadoop certification to become a data scientist yourself.

James Mathews

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