Immersive Videos: A Ground-breaking Marketing Trend

The digital platform has become the new battleground for companies to lure customers and prospects alike. Technological trends and internet access have forced companies to come up with newer means to reach out to their customers and digital marketing is branching out into several sub-segments as we speak. It was content to begin with, then videos, and now its immersive videos that have been added to the promotional arsenal of companies.

If normal videos are extensive marketing tools, helping companies promote their products and brands, immersive videos have taken it a notch or two higher in terms of customer experience. It is the “involvement” aspect of an immersive video that has caught the attention of customers in a massive way.

Will they sustain for a long time?

They seem to have gained the spotlight for now, here are a few reasons that might set them apart, and make them very essential marketing tools:

Need to Engage: Heavy competition is forcing companies to differentiate themselves from competitors in terms of promotions and engagement. The customers of today are no longer looking for just a “hello”, they need a certain level of informative assistance. Immersive videos fill this gap and play the perfect role, as companies hope to engage more.

360° overview: When companies first began selling online, they were aided by two-dimensional pictorial representations of products. Today, every company that is selling online is required to provide a realistic view of the product, a 360° view that projects all the features and dimensions, to the customer’s benefit. Immersive videos facilitate this sort of experience as they take viewers on a three-dimensional tour providing a complete view of products and virtual experience.

Live experience: Immersive is what it really means; it immerses the viewer into the environment. The experience is unlike that of other mediums we see. It is this live experience that entices the customers towards the product or brand. The value add here is also convenience; you can view and have an idea on your product without moving an inch!

Engaging content: The customer on the move is short on time and has lesser attention span. The need for relevant, brief, and engaging content is important to hold attention. Immersive videos are classic platforms delivering relevant content in a much more engaging manner. A virtual tour aided by relevant content is a great way to enlighten and entice customers. Immersive videos also are a great medium for the companies to showcase their culture and standards.

Going mobile: Technically speaking, 360° videos give a much better experience on the smartphone than on desktop or TV. With smartphones fast becoming an integral part of an individual’s life, immersive videos are the best bet to reach out and provide a great experience to a customer. So logically speaking, all formats that are compatible with a mobile viewing will be in trend as smartphone penetration increases.

Immersive experience on the mobile phone also extends into the purchase path of a customer as the customers enticed by the immersive video makes a purchase on using a mobile app. Immersive videos often act as the video solutions for business.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, one can only imagine what a video is worth! And a video that is alive and immersive, will provide that out-of-the-world and yet, realistic experience. Immersive video is an innovative tool on its way to becoming an essential channel for customer engagement. Companies ranging from auto makers to hospitality institutions to food manufacturers, are all actively utilizing immersive videos to promote products and entice customers. Come 2017, whether through a 360° video or through a virtual-reality show, immersive videos will lead the way among digital marketing trends!

James Mathews

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