How To Check If Your Apple Product Is In Warranty

When purchasing electronics, particularly those that are very expensive, one of the most important things you should confirm is the warranty status. The warranty terms differ from company to company, concerning costs, coverage, etc.

As you must be aware, Apple products are costly to maintain. Most of the time their repairs run into thousands of rupees and can go up to over 50% of the device cost.

Be it an iOS device or a Mac laptop; it comes with one-year company warranty. It covers one-year limited warranty and 90 days of telephone support from Apple.

You also have the option to extend the coverage by buying the AppleCare Protection Plan. It increases the protection by one year for iOS devices and two years for Macs. However, the Apple support India coverage is not extended.

It can be difficult to remember the exact date of the device purchase, or you might get confused whether you added AppleCare for the extended warranty. Worry not, there is an easy way to check the status of your Apple device’s warranty status without having to dig through that shoebox of old receipts.

The process explained below is applicable for almost all Apple products, namely iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

Locate the Serial Number

Before you can check up the status of the warranty coverage, you should have noted the serial number of your device. Here’s the way to find the serial number of Apple products:

iOS devices: Go to Settings, scroll down and click on General, go to About section. Click on it. You will find the serial number there.

Macs: Click on the Apple symbol in the top left corner of the screen, select and click on About This Mac on the drop down menu, click on More Info, and locate the serial number.

Open Apple’s Official Warranty Checker (Website)

Go to  and enter the serial number for the device in the given text field, then you will have to enter the CAPTCHA code, and then click continue.

Your Service and Support Coverage

When you’re done with the above steps, you will be taken to the Your Service and Support Coverage page; where there are four categories (having either a green or yellow circles with a checkmark inside).


The four categories are:

(1) The valid Purchase Date: This confirms the exact date of the product purchase.

(2) Telephone Technical Support: This tells you whether your Telephone Technical Support is active or not.

(3) Repairs and Service Coverage: This tells you whether your Repairs and Service Coverage is active or not.

(4) Covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan: This one will only come up if you purchased the extended AppleCare warranty.

If all the circles are green, then it means your Apple device is in coverage, including Telephone Technical Support and Repairs and Service Coverage. If the Repairs and Service Coverage is active, then under that section will be a page showing you an estimated expiration date of Apple’s Limited Warranty.

That’s it. These three quick steps are all you needs to check the status of the warranty protection of your Apple device.

This warranty can cover you in the case of numerous things that could turn out badly with the electronic glitches, and with technical support. You can always contact Apple support India for further details about the inclusions and exclusions of the coverage.

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