Who Invented The Alarm Clock? [Infographic]

They ring, they beep and they buzz…they’re alarm clocks, and most of us really hate them with a vengeance.

Love them or hate them, you have to agree that alarm clocks are valuable tools to aid us in our daily lives. They let us keep our jobs, for one thing, by avoiding being late. And the alarm clock has a truly interesting history.

Sundials were used by the ancient Egyptians as some of the earliest clocks. Plato was said to have used a water clock.

In modern times, we have radio-controlled alarm clocks and many of us use our smartphones to wake us up. But it’s very interesting to trace back the History of Alarm Clocks to see how this useful (though annoying!) tool has evolved and progressed over time.

The team at OnlineClock.net has assembled together the most significant data in the alarm clock’s history in order to create this appealing infographic. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

History of Alarm Clocks

This Alarm Clock Infographic was made by The Online Alarm Clock Blog.

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Naser Mohd Baig

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Ankit @ Geek Blog - July 16, 2012

Loved the infographic. I always wondered who invented an alarm clock. It’s such a useful gadget and yes I am quite surprised to know that it was invented in way back 1870’s.

    Naser Mohd Baig - July 16, 2012

    It is useful to wake up for a morning show or ride but annoying to wake up for college or job 😀

Puneet - July 17, 2012

Nice infographic. Why invented the snooz button in the clock?

    Naser Mohd Baig - July 17, 2012

    May be a lazy scientist invented it 😀

Pankil Joshi@techtt - July 25, 2012

Wow, interesting infographic. can i post it on my FB page ?

    Naser Mohd Baig - July 25, 2012

    You can post the infographic anywhere, but make sure it link backs to this post.


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