Apr 092012

Google’s first tablet or the Nexus tablet was expected to be released in the month of May. But it will not hit the market until July, according to a report from The Verge. Google

Tela Andrews

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  1. Why Not. After all its a Google product. But we should wait till its release. Let see what happens then.

  2. I think google will produce a better tablet after taking a time extension .

  3. We it could possibly complete with Kindle fire only if the price will be closed to fire.
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  4. I am eagerly waiting what surprise are waiting for Google’s 7 inch Nexus tablet users. There are already lots of tablet company
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  5. It has been reported that google and asus are in talks, and there are rumors that asus 250$ memo 370t (tegra 3) plans have been scraped and will released as nexus tablet. (that too with android 5.0 jellybean)

    but there are also rumors google are gonna just name it as a nexus and sell under the oem, and hence will also be selling thier efforts in Motorola tablets.

    i was too excited about the asus tab.. but gotta wait

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