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In the advanced era of technology, entire world is dependent upon the way computers perform. Compromising with its efficiency and security would procure the consequence that is not at all desirable. Slow and sluggish personal computers (PC) at homes and offices cannot fetch you the result you aspire for. We all face the same issue with our computers at homes and offices, yet we tend to compromise and adjust with this situation. One prime reason behind this attitude and reluctance is probably our unawareness about how this issue can be resolved. Most of us do not know that there are so many free computer cleaners available nowadays, which not only can enhance the performance of your computers, but also make sure that your computer systems are further protected from the attacks of virus, malware, and/or adware. Furthermore, this software can be so easily installed into computer systems that one does not necessarily has to be a gizmo expert to use it.

We use our computer systems to perform varied tasks, and we often make it do multitasking. The abrupt usage and random web browsing ultimately results in slow and sluggish computer. The random web browsing for performing various tasks exposes our computer systems to several virus attacks, which are potentially capable of hampering the performance of computer systems. When a computer system is exposed to the Internet frequently, the browser stores cookies download history, images, and many other temporary files. These files do not get erased automatically and make the computer system slow and sluggish over a particular span of time. Computer cleaner is software which scans the computer system and cleans these accumulated junks from the hard disks. Not only does it identifies the potential threats to computers, but also eliminates those. The antivirus feature of free computer cleaners helps keeping all the virus, malware, and adware at bay, which further ensures long and healthy PC life. This blog elaborates upon some of the most important features of free computer cleaners.

Registry scanning: The most important part of computer is registry. All the information regarding all the activities that have been performed on a particular computer are stored in registry. It contains all the log files of programs and applications as well as spec files of operating system. These unwanted registries end up bloating the system, thereby affecting its speed and accuracy. Free PC cleaners scan the registry and remove these redundant registry files, which ultimately enhances the performance of computers.

Disk defragmentation: Defragmentation is one of the most effective feature of computer cleaners. Our computers save data in form of blocks or fragments throughout the storage drives. These fragments clog the storage drives in which they are stored, and resist to addition of any new data in the storage device. Free PC cleaners remove these flags so that more data can be added into the storage drives.

OS updates: All the computer users are recommended to install service packs and updates to their operating systems whenever they are available. New updates offer better solutions to tackle all the issues that a computer is facing. Free computer cleaners facilitate installation of such updates.

Antivirus properties: When computers are used for random web search, then virus, Trojans, and malwares enter into the computer systems and get stored in hard disks. Computer cleaners come with antivirus property, which helps in identifying and removing these virus, Trojans, and malwares from the hard disks. Free PC cleaners resist to unfiltered entry of all the unauthorized and unauthentic files, images, or data.

Removal of temp files and dupe files: Computers have several temporary files as well as duplicate files that are mostly redundant and they occupy major space of the storage drives. Generation of temporary files and duplicate files occur because of various factors, and it must be made sure that those are removed timely so that it does not affect the performance of computers, in terms of speed and accuracy. Free computer cleaners detect the temporary files and duplicate files from computer system, and remove these unwanted files, which further boost the system’s performance.

There are so many vendors who are offering best free computer cleaners, and one can come across their advertisements while using computers. However, several vendors provide free PC cleaners only for a particular span of time, and they charge heavily once the free trial version of their products expires. Therefore, users are recommended to first go through the advertisements in detail, and properly analyze all the features of the product. User must take note of above mentioned points before going forward with the decision making process regarding which free computer cleaner he/she wants to install in his/her computer.


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