Criterion You Must Know Before Buying Vulnerability Scanners

With the increasing cybercrimes and attacks, scanners to detect the risks are also increasing. There are so many scanning tools available in the market and on the internet. But the question is how to choose the tool amongst them all. Even, you may find many fraud tools that may fake as a scanning tool, but in actual attacks your sensitive data and introduces the malware in the system. Earlier, anti-virus tools were used to detect the viruses in the system so as to keep the system secure and protected. But, nowadays hackers have adopted such strong technologies that it is not possible to detect risks with the help of anti-virus software. Therefore, with the help of vulnerability scanning tools it has become easy to detect the vulnerabilities occurring in the firewall, system, network and other devices. But one must know how the criterion to buy these tools.

The criterion for buying vulnerability scanners:

  1. Key Features: This is the foremost criterion to look for before buying any vulnerability management tool. Always look upon the key features of the tools and know whether the tool provides the features or services you need to protect your system. If it provides, go for it, else look for some other vulnerability management tool.
  2. Ease of use: This is the foremost factor that everyone looks for before buying any scanning tool. A vulnerability management tool is beneficial if it can be deployed and used easily. If a tool looks so confusing and it is not easy to get where to navigate to perform functions, then it is least used and recommended by people. While buying vulnerability scanner, you must have the following questions in mind:
  • The time required to install and set up the tool.
  • Does tool use an agent or it is agentless?
  • The time that tool takes to scan the system.
  1. Supportive to the cloud and mobile devices: There are many organizations that work on the cloud-based devices or mobile devices. Not every vendor offers this facility of scanning the cloud-based services or mobile based services. So, before buying the tool, ensure that you are buying a tool that supports the cloud-based and mobile based devices both.
  2. Licensing: It is worth to spend money on the scanning tool that also provides a license. A tool with a license is considered safer than other tools that don’t have licenses. So, always look for a vulnerability scanner with an approved license.
  3. Pricing: Before buying any product or service, people look upon its pricing because pricing plays an important role. There are many vulnerability tools available in the market of different price range. So, make your estimate and buy a tool according to your budget and the services you require.
  4. Support services: It is always good to buy services or products that offer support services. Always buy a scanning tool whose vendors are available 24×7 for supporting you so that if you get trapped in some problem, they could help you to come out of the trap.

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James Mathews

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