BYOD: Is it Better to Bring a Notebook or a Tablet?

A lot of people are now exchanging their cash for iPad because it is the newest and most sought after gadget these days. The tablet PC is fast becoming the gadget of choice not only for those who want to look trendy, but also for parents, students, and even professionals in offices that practice the BYOD, or bring your own device scheme. In fact, a lot of officers workers are looking into the possibility of bringing their iPads or tablet PCs instead of their laptop. Some information pundits are quick to claim that with the rising popularity of the tablet PC even in the office, we might be seeing the end of notebooks and laptops. However, a good number of people argue that the

Yvette Divino

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Felicia - September 21, 2012

If what’s needed is a lot of typing, number crunching, or even programming, then the notebook will be the best one to bring, hands down. However, if all you need is to access websites or web programs, then the tablet will be better to use. The thing is, there are things you can do better with a laptop than with a tablet, and vice versa. When it comes to reading online manga, nothing beats the tablet.

    Yvette Divino - September 24, 2012

    Hi Felicia! First I would like to thank you for dropping by. Yes, everything you said is right. They’re both useful in different ways and instances. If a person can afford to have both then it would be great. 🙂

    BTW Felicia, if you can choose only one what would you choose tablet or notebook?


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