The most unique browser extension that can protect your internet privacy

How do browser extension works?

There are a lot of browser extension, some call it add-ons or plugins  that makes promises to protect yourself from the hacker but in these tons of browser extensions, which is the best one? Is it free? Is it really need to download? These are the most popular browser extension that “says” will protect your internet data:


The most unique browser extension that can protect your internet privacy

1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a browser extension that helps you to remove all the unwanted ads, scripts or even pop ups when you are browsing on the internet. Ad and script blockers give you control over your browsing experience. plugins will block all the ads on the sites that you are going to visit and kill all the third-party scripts and widgets that send your data without knowing it to who knows where. This tool can break the sites you visit, rendering them unusable until you figure out what to allow and what to block. Blocking ads have a very real impact on the site and the people who work on it.

This AdBlock Plus (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) can easily block all of the banner ads, rollover ads, pop-up ads and much more. With this technique, it will not let you get any malware can come from different domains.

The Alternatives:

  • uBlock Origin

Block Origin, the version of uBlock managed and maintained by the original developer is just as powerful as AdBlock Plus. It gives you more control over what’s blocked and what’s allowed than ABP does. It’s also much lighter on system resources, and it doesn’t come with some of the issues ABP has with companies paying the makers of ABP to let their ads through.

  • NoScript (for firefox) and ScriptSafe (for chrome)

This browser extension usually blocks and disable all the scripts from running pages without adding it on the allow list. It includes, JavaScript, Java, Flash and many more. This extension can also be aggressive and can break a lot of site especially the new site you will visit.

2. Disconnect

Disconnect can help you in stopping everyone from tracking your browsing. This browser extension has an anti-tracking and anti-cookie extensions it will also protect you from malware, or tracking, and offers secure Wi-Fi.

The Alternatives:

  • Privacy Badger (Firefox/Chrome)

It tries to take the best of all of the extensions that came before it. It’s pretty lenient, though, and blocks objectionable activities and builds a blocklist as it observes bad behavior, instead of blocking certain sites, cookies, and activities out of the box. This makes it more lightweight.

  • Do not track me (IE/Safari/Chrome/Firefox)

Offers a drop-down browser toolbar that will tell you which tracking cookies and scripts will have loaded on a site, and gives you the option to disable them entirely.

  • Ghostery(IE/Safari/Chrome/Firefox)

Much like the others, Ghostery blocks tracking cookies and scripts from running by default. It’ll also show you what it’s blocked, so you can see whether the items it’s blocked are harmless or intrusive.

3. Disconnect Desktop

Disconnect’s browser tool is a must-download. If you want to take things a step further though, Disconnect’s new whole-desktop package in the Private Browsing features we mentioned above with a proxy and VPN that will keep all of your browsings safe. It checks your connections against Disconnect’s known list of malware-packed ad networks, third-party tracking tools, known malware hosts and sites, and more, and then just blocks it from resolving

Additional Tools:

  • HTTPS Everywhere

Always make your internet secure and all of the data you upload and download on a specific site are fully encrypted.

  • Virtual Private Network

VPN tool can make all of your internet traffic encrypted and protect all of your data from hackers and other surveillances

  • Antimalware/Antivirus


These browser extensions will help you to avoid getting all the malicious malwares on the internet. This also serves as a protection that will make your device clean from any viruses. Install browser extension if it’s really needed. You should always be careful on every browser extension that you are going to install.


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