5 Best Ways to use 3G Internet on Mobile Devices

Smart 3G is a mobile internet option on your phones, Laptops, Netbooks and iPads. To have internet access on your mobile phones and laptops you can also use GSM networks, but the drawback is low speed. So, everyone wants to experience 3G on their device as it overcomes the disadvantage of the GSM network.

Mobile providers are offering a variety of options for consumers to use 3G. 3G allows internet access anywhere provided there is a mobile phone signal. As mobile providers are coming up with a variety of options to use 3G, it is important to look out for the best.

Here are some of the best ways to experience 3G internet on your devices:

1. To use 3G internet on your mobile phone you need to buy a phone that allows 3G services, put a 3G SIM card into the phone and set up the 3G service on your phone. Usually you can do this by opening the settings on the phone and changing the network setting to 3G. A SIM card stores information such as phone number, equipment identifier and other addresses needed to connect to a cellular provider

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    well we are in the age where 4g should have introduced but still not and there are many of us who are not even aware of the 3G Technology!

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    How about mobile hotspots? I think they are currently the best method of getting mobile broadband. You can share a single internet connection with multiple device and you can place the hotspot in a location where the signal strength is good.

    Sahl – You can play games using 3G but you will find fast paced multi-player games will have a slight delay due to the high latency of 3G.

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    Whilst mobile phones have been able to get internet access through WAP and GPRS for a number of years, the release of Appleโ€™s iPhone with 3G technology has caused a huge development in this market.

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