Audit your Active Directory environment to get who, what, when and where information for each change

Configuration auditing, forensic investigations and compliance auditing all demand answers to four basic questions of auditing i.e. who changed what, when and where. Active Directory auditors must be in a position to answer these questions accurately as and when required. LepideAuditor for Active Directory tracks all changes happening in the Active Directory at objects and even at attribute level and creates a central database. The data is then processed and meaningful information is taken out in the form of insightful reports. Alerts, information analysis and rollback of undesirable changes can also be performed through this application.

Important features of LepideAuditor for Active Directory

Single platform to audit all domains: LAAD acts as a centralized platform to audit all domains in the network. Audit rules and policies can be applied at the domain level so that there is no need of auditing individual DCs. Reports can, however, be generated at domain level or at individual DC level.

Track all changes in AD: All changes happening at the object and attribute level are tracked and stored so that who, what, when and where information about each change is available to the administrator.

Active Directory Restore: Regular backups are created by software to ensure that Active Directory can be restored to a previous stable state. Changes can be rolled back granularly or all at once depending on the requirement.

Real-time Alerts: LAAD generates real-time alerts on critical changesso that unwanted changes can be removed from the domain.

Insightful Reports: Software generates a number of canned reports that offer deep insight into all the events of the Active Directory.These reports can be saved in PDF, CSV and MHT format for printing or offline viewing.

Agent-less and agent-based data collection: LAAD allows both agent-less and agent-based data collection. In the first case, all audit related data is collected without installing agents on individual DCs. In the later case, agents are installed on DCs and that leads to efficient use of network resources.

Tracking Nested Objects: Software allows tracking of nested objects such as OUs, Groups without creating any specialized set of rules.

LepideAuditor for Active Directory offers multifold benefits to the organizations. It not only helps them to fulfill regulatory compliances and avoid financial penalties but also eliminates risk factors that can throw entire businesses off the track. Real time alerts allow you get notified of the critical changes as soon as they occur so that corrective measures can be taken to nullify the change. Relying only on native auditing to identify an unwanted change could take huge time and resource leave aside rolling back the change. But, LAAD allows creation of regular backups that can be compared to the current state of AD to identify changes instantly and then roll them back as per requirement.

Software is available in two editions i.e. Freeware edition and Enterprise edition. Freeware edition is available for free for lifelong usage but offers limited features. Enterprise edition, on the other hand, offers full features and is available for a free trial period of 15 days. After the expiry of trial period, you need to purchase the license for further usage of software.

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Joy Bogan - October 18, 2013

Thanks Steve,

I have used this application for Track all changes in Active directory and real time alerts report. I found more important features related to active directory audit.

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