An Insight Into Satellite Internet Access Technology

The fastest and safest way to access the Internet today is through Satellite Internet Access.  As the name goes, the technology offers Internet access through geostationary satellites in the earth’s orbit.  To get into the details of the functioning of this technology, a brief understanding of geostationary satellites is required.  These satellites are set in orbit along the earth’s equator at the same speed as the earth’s orbit.  They hence appear to be stationery from the earth’s surface, while they are actually moving along with the earth.  They receive and transmit signals from and to earth.  One of the hardware requirements of this technology is a dish that needs to be fixed at your chosen location in the direction of the satellite to send and receive signals.  Since it is a satellite based service, it does not require any special cabling or hardware, and Internet access is made available at even remote locations.  Gone are the days of dial-up connections where a dedicated phone line was required for an Internet connection.

In the United States of America, Hughesnet is a popular satellite Internet access service provider.  Their technology offers faster download rates.  It makes watching videos on in the Internet, listening to music, shopping and chatting faster and smoother experience.  Since it involves satellite communication, it is safer mode of communication than other Internet transmissions thus making online banking and payment transactions safer.  Signals from your computer are first transmitted to the satellite.  It may be just a simple website search.   This is then transmitted back to the Network Operations Center that fetches your information from the World Wide Web and transmits it to the satellite, from where it is in turn received through the dish antenna, and through the modem made available on to your computer.  It quite literally works like magic.  Transmissions from a satellite that is located thousands of miles always from the earth travel at almost the speed of light to give you the fastest and most accurate results.  This is one of the main reasons for this technology’s gain in popularity.  The company offers to install the dish and modem at your location once you have chosen a data plan to suit your needs.  The after service is good and they are equipped with a good technical team to offer the best help possible.


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ravi kumar - November 24, 2012

Is this technology available in India? If yes then how to use this? You have written a good article but I think details are missing. You must have added a bit more details in this post.Anyway thanks for this nice piece of information

Scott - August 28, 2013

We use Excede satellite internet, it takes about 30minutes to setup, and works well. Just point south with a clear view of the sky and you are set! It’s great to have if you are RV’ing and are in the middle of nowhere as it’s a great distraction.


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