8 Tips for a Safe Online Shopping

Online shops are growing too fast and getting more customers everyday. Shopping while in the comfort of your home is one of the best experiences that a shopper can have. Since online shopping is gaining popularity, more hackers and scammers are targeting them to be their next victim.

Here are our eight tips on how you can be safe while shopping online.


online shopping


  • Search for that online store in the Internet safely. Before you start scanning the pages where the products of an online store is located, take time to know about the background, the reviews and everything before you shop online. Make sure that your online shopping experience won’t turn into a horrible nightmare experience. We already heard different scam news about it so you should learn on how you can avoid them.
  • Type the url address of the online website. Instead of clicking the link from another person’s profile or posts, try to type the url address of it in the address bar. This can be putting additional effort but it can also help you avoid landing on some malicious websites.
  • Use a dedicated email address. Create an email address intended only for your online shopping purposes so that you can distinguish it from your primary email address. Most online stores will send promotional emails and spam mails that can cause your primary email full and unorganized.
  • Never use your primary computer for online shopping. As long as you can, you should provide a separate computer from your primary computer because you wouldn’t know when viruses and malwares can attack your computer and steal all that saved data in it. Make it sure that you’re using a clean computer which is free from viruses and malwares.
  • Use a temporary credit card. You can get a temporary credit card which you can use for one-time payment for shopping online. Check if it requires auto-renewal or you might just have to use other payment methods such as Paypal and Bitcoin.
  • Protect your passwords. Change your passwords regularly. Strong passwords are recommended if you’re going to make some changes. You can mix numbers and letters in lowercase and uppercase.
  • Use your tablet . If you do not have an extra clean computer to be used with your online transactions and purchases, consider using your tablet.
  • Avoid shopping online while connected to Public Wi-Fi. This can be the most dangerous thing to do while shopping online. Never shop and make an online transaction if you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspots. It is the usual tool that most hackers and scammers use to steal your personal information and your money. Use a vpn service to make sure that your data and personal information is fully protected.


Source: usa.kaspersky.com

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