3 Important Points that Lead Supply Chains to Greater Customer Success

The way a supply chain is networked can make or break your business. Supply chains are no longer considered to be support systems. Rather, they are the backbone of any manufacturing business, linking every function and operation, and converting raw materials into finished goods. There is the more vital aspect of transferring information and connecting your business to you end consumers as well.

Consumers want great service. Any glitch in the brand experience will lead to social embarrassment, digitally. It can harm your brand’s reputation. Consumers want great products, superior customer service, superb experience, the best prices, and they even want to be kept updated about their products at all times. Transparency matters a great deal in today’s world. In order to keep your customers satisfied at all times, you need to ensure you deliver nothing but exceptional products and customer experience.

Basic ingredients of supply-chain success

A supply chain dictates two of the most important elements that drive purchasing decisions—prices and delivery. A successful supply chain will incorporate means that will cut unnecessary costs, ensuring that you charge your customers less than your competitors. When your supply-chain operations are in perfect order, you can, with ease, and well within time, deliver your products or conduct reverse logistics, to delight your customers. When you can charge your customers less than your competitors, and at the same time, ensure unmatched experience, you will be reckoned with as a successful, customer-oriented brand.

So do you think your operations are up to the mark? And are you doing enough to generate high customer satisfaction? It’s time to analyze the right track towards achieving customer delight. Answer these questions for your company and you will know where you stand.

  1. Does your supply chain look for the latest technologies and innovation?

To stay ahead of competing companies, and to keep customers happy, you need better service workflows, every now and then. For that, you need to incorporate advanced supply-chain technologies and embrace innovation at every step. Your business should focus on systems that improve networks, processes, services, and channels. Forego traditional and ineffective ways of conducting crucial supply-chain operations. Leverage the cloud and advanced mobility tools to reduce costs and increase productivity. Do away with silos, so that there is more transparency and free flow of information. That will let you get a unified view of your business.

  1. Do you make apt use of data?

Are you making exhaustive use of the data you get? If yes, you are on the right path. Gathering data on your supply chain and finding out actionable information from that data is the key to customer satisfaction. Use data optimization and predictive analytics to gather inputs on how to effectively predict and handle your manufacturing needs, flow of products, and information on customer requirements. Data gathered through real-time tracking of your supply chain will help you gain efficiencies throughout your operations.

3.  Are your operations transparent?

Consumers are increasingly interacting with only those organizations that are compliant, transparent, and stakeholder friendly, be it internally or externally. Companies today need to ensure their supply-chain units strictly adhere to government and environmental standards. Use supply chains as engines of growth, for the whole value chain, and share all the relevant data. When all your operations will be integrated, you will be better able to gain a single view of the operations in their entirety. It’s an enabler for better management of operations. Use technology to be more accountable and control every aspect of your business, right from expiration dates to employee conveniences. It is also important to ensure that they are not working in hazardous conditions. Overall, you should focus on minimizing financial as well as reputational risks.

Your supply chains has a direct impact on your business. By choosing the right partners, employing transparent procedures, and leveraging advanced technologies to gain business insights, you can build a system that delivers customer delight. The more optimized your supply chain, the better the customer experience you are capable of delivering. So keep using technology to see where you can improve.

James Mathews

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