10 Gadgets You Must Have In 2015

Gadgets are devices that help make life a little easier. While chances are you could survive perfectly fine without the use of gadgets, most people simply don’t want to. These convenient and helpful devices can do everything from opening a garage door to making dinner reservations for you, along with helping you live a healthier lifestyle. With new devices constantly being introduced, it can be hard to decide which gadgets you need in your life. While there have been several “must have” gadgets introduced this year, there are a few that you might not be able to live without.

Must Have Gadgets for 2015

These gadgets are fun, functional, and designed to improve some aspect of your life. While prices will vary dramatically between the gadgets, it is always fun to see what the latest technical innovations are. Here are the 10 gadgets you must have in 2015.

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10. The Seagate 7

Not only is this small gadget affordable, it is perfect for anyone for frequently travels. It is advertised as one of the thinnest hard drives available, and can turn almost any device into a mobile office.

* 500GB hard drive that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

* Lightweight and durable construction.

* Measures only 7mm.

9. 11+ World Desk Clock

Sleek and modern, this small clock is designed for world travels. Always know what time it is no matter where you are, and you’ll appreciate the fact that the round clock will update itself.

* Small, round design is easy to pack in any carry on bag.

* Automatically adjusts to the current time.

* Is preset for 11 time zones.

8. The Zolt Charger

While this tiny gadget might be priced higher than other chargers, frequent travels find that it is worth the price. It fits easily in a pocket or shoulder bag, and will keep your portable laptop charged and ready to go.

* This small charger is less than a quarter of the size of standard models.

* It is designed to fit today’s compact devices.

* The small gadget can charge up to three devices.

 7. Kindle Voyage

If you love reading in any type of lighting, and want a device that is easy to use this might be the best gadget for you. The latest Kindle model features several innovative functions that are designed to keep book lovers reading for hours.

* The lightweight design is perfect for travel.

* Automatically adjusts for brightness.

* Includes easy to use page turning functions.

 6. Withings Activite

This sleek watch is designed for consumers with discerning tastes, and who are also conscious about their health. It can follow your fitness and health, all while looking elegant on your wrist.

* Designed and manufactured in Switzerland

* The watch will link with your current fitness apps to help you manage your health.

* Has an elegant style unlike other technical watches.

5. Z Board

This gadget is a must have for anyone looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. The motorized skateboard will effortlessly get you to your destination, while also saving you money on gas and costly automobile upkeep.

* The skateboard is capable of speeds up to 20mph.

* A large deck provides a sturdy platform to stand on.

* The thick tires are capable of going over bumps and lower curbs.

4. Bravia X90C

Only a few years ago TVs would not have been considered gadgets, but that has all changed with the introduction of this ultra-sleek and slim model. Enjoy high resolution images and connect to the fastest data compression network.

* It stands out only 4cm when it is mounted to the wall.

* Compatible with the advanced 4K network.

* The ultra slim TV has a thickness of 4.9mm along the thin corners.

3. Lacie 1 TB

You can improve the appearance of your office and the functionality of your computer with this attractive hard drive. The included stand is more attractive than messy wires, and it includes the memory and power capacity to handle your workload.

* The wooden stand and mirrored finish is more appealing than standard hard drives.

* It features a 1TB hard drive.

* The gadget is compatible with a USB 3.0 connection.

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2. Mophie Power Station

If you have several devices that are in constant use, this compact charging station is perfect for you. It fits easily into a pocket or shoulder bag, and is compatible with virtually every type of Wi-Fi enabled device.

* The small charger is compatible with all USB connections.

* It can be used to charge that latest Android and smartphones.

* The indicator lights let you know when your device is fully charged.

1. Sphero Ollie

Play and work with this innovative and entertaining robot. The fun gadget can control various devices and perform small tricks to keep you amused, even at work.

* The small robot fits easily in a shoulder bag for convenient travel.

* It is controlled by downloadable apps.

* The robot will make operate iPhones, race, and is capable of speeds up to 15 mph.


These gadgets might not be absolutely necessary, but some of these innovative devices are fun to have. Whether you must have a robot who can make phone calls for you or simply need to be able to tell the time anywhere in the world, these gadgets will improve and brighten your life.

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