How to Use Your Tablet as a Television

There are many different ways to watch television on different media devices and most cable networks are catching up with the technology by making their television shows available in multiple formats. A big development in anywhere-TV is that you can now watching television shows on tablets, no matter what size they are, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or are connected to a mobile network. There are a couple of ways to access television shows with your tablet, whether you have a cable provider or not. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can use your tablet to watch TV.

Television Apps
There are several apps on the market that require you to pay a monthly fee for their services. While paying a monthly fee, especially if you already pay for cable, can seem undesirable, there are many benefits to these services, especially if you want to use your tablet to watch your favorite shows. One of the biggest subscription services with a tablet app is Netflix, which offers a specific subscription to streaming-only that includes Netflix exclusive television shows. Another big subscription app is Hulu Plus. This amped-up version of Hulu allows you to watch shows on your tablet that are not available on a computer. Some cable networks, such as CBS, also have free apps that you can download that will allow you to watch the shows provided by that network. There are usually only a few available at a time, but if you are a regular viewer, you can stay caught up on recent episodes.

How Tablet TV Works
The apps that TV services provide for tablets are made specifically for watching television on your mobile device, so the shows look great. Even if you have a smaller tablet, like a 9 inch Android tablet, the television apps you download will still look great on the screen, as long as the screen is big enough for you to see everything clearly. Luckily, tablets that size and even smaller are easy to hold, so you can sit close enough to the screen to see your shows. The apps have menus that are different from what you would see if you were to log on or search from your regular computer, as they are mobile versions, making them easier to use with touch screens and easier to navigate on smaller screens.
Use your tablet’s app store to find the apps you want. If you are choosing a paid app, you’ll need to set up payment first, and then the app will always be available. You won’t have to log in every time you open the app, either, so the apps are quick and efficient. Even if you only want to use free apps, there are often cable networks that will allow you to access their shows for free or, in some cases, require you to use a supported internet provider. Tablets work well as small televisions as long as you know how to find the apps you need.

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