Apple should take up few features of Android Lollipop for iOS 9

There could be few features, which Apple wants to update in iOS 9. Every time you see new version of iOS or Android is announced. Android material design is similar to iOS 7’s flattened design language and iOS 8 new developments ensures Lollipop’s predecessors.

See some good features Apple would like to include in iOS 9

Better Notifications

It is among my favorite features as it will allow you to include new heads-up banners for the app which will give you provision of ignoring the incoming calls without having interruption in any other activities like playing game or chatting with someone important to you. There is also a function of lock screen where you are able to manage incoming notifications.

Priority Mode

There is a priority mode of Lollipop, which almost like iOS do not disturb feature. However, in iOS this feature is not properly functioned while in Android this function is more controlled. If you are feeling like get your task done or want to take break then you can open the Priority mode for a while.

Sufficient battery

Apple is in process to make its device thinner with time then you can imagine the battery life would be better as well. In Lollipop you can able, to view which apps are having the most juice? When battery level goes to the last end then there is also sign of how much time it will take time to charge. This function needs to have in iPhone as well.

Guest Users

We sometimes feel like sharing our phone For it you need to click to guest users on a smartphone or tablet which runs on Lollipop and it will keep your private things to yourself while whatever other users or your guest does with your phone will be deleted once they log out.


Both iOS and Android are carrying the similar features of Multitasking. There is also a card system, which can be swiped to switch to apps. However, Lollipop is smarter more in it. Everything you have done will be displayed easily. You can at the same time can jump to the windows or to your inbox while all open tabs will be visible.

Unlock system

Touch ID has done greatly to unlock an iPhone or iPad and there is time come when you do want to keep the same thing in use. May be iOS 9 will find the midst way out for convenience and security. The Bluetooth or NFC device will paired Lollipop phones the same we need to see in iOS.

Ambient Display

iOS is carrying ambient display for many years. It is known thing that what iPad (iPad Air 3 ) and iPhone carry those thing, which is new to Androids. In Lollipop, there is an option of turning off all the screen lock with single toggle.

There are many more features we would like to have in iOS 9. See with time what will happen.

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