Smart Phones which can replace iPhone for Travelers

We all know the rules of traveling: Pack lightweight stuff and minimize your luggage! This way, you

Leslie Bass

Leslie Bass is a 26 years old freelance writer and blogger from Fayetteville, NC who specialize writing about technology and gadgets. She currently writes for Cash for iPhones, where you can sell iphone online.

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Ahsan - August 9, 2012

Now a days its common for travelers to carry smart phone as it is essential kit for them. I have not heard about these smart phones yet. Thanks for share

    Leslie Bass - August 10, 2012

    Hi Ashan, You’re right it is now essential for travelers to have a phone with them, they can use it as their map and an entertainment especially for long trip.

Sibin - August 10, 2012

Motorola Razr is a good and stylish phone. Motorola Maxx is good for long travel because it has more battery back up than any other phone in the segment. It also look like Razr.


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