Samsung and its upcoming technologies

Another amazement is set in the row of surprises! Yes we are talking about the Korean firm Samsung and its upcoming smartphones namely Galaxy S6 and S7. In last few years so many smartphone manufacturing firms have arrived on the tech ground fighting with each other but no one has been able to establish itself as firmly as Samsung.

The year 2015 seems to gift with technology of a newer kind to thrill your heart. Samsung, as always continues to be the king of smart phones and phablets, being the strongest rival of Apple.

Today we will take you through Samsung’s upcoming technologies – Galaxy S6 and S7 with an overview of Galaxy S5.

So come, let’s quickly have an overlook of Samsung Galaxy S5 and its features that were offered to us..!

Specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy S5

– A decent 2GB of RAM

– 2.5 GHz of processor

– A super AMOLED display of 5.3 inches

Battery of 2800 mAh

Decent camera – primary camera – 13 MP and secondary camera of 2.2 MP

 Memory of 16 GB , expandable up to 64 GB.

– WiFi supportive and Bluetooth v4.0

– Equipped with dust and scratch resistant technology

So, this was all Samsung offered you in its Galaxy S5. Now Samsung is ready to take its firm and technology to a step ahead by introducing hotter technologies which we will get in S6 and S7. So now we may move on to its details related to its features , releasing date and penny you need to save up!!

Expected specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

  1. RAM – Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to offer you a better version of RAM. An upgraded RAM of 6 GB will be there for you. Its going to completely transform your experience and will relieve you from the burden of doing all your official works on laptop and will give you the freedom of doing your work sitting anywhere in the world. Doesn’t that sound like a big relief !!
  2. An upgraded battery is has been prepared for you!! A battery of 3900-4000 mAh with a faster charging capacity will be gifted to you in the upcoming smart phone king- Galaxy S7! Now use your phone whole day long without any problem of battery. period!
  3. A wide display of 5.5 inches super AMOLED screen technology is in the row ! It is supposed to be of ultra HD type and 3D with 4k resolution.
  4. The faster processor is going to excite your smart phone usage ! A processor of 3.5 GHz is set in the row for you with the latest lollipop android version.
  5. An amazing camera is ready for you with 30MP primary camera and 7MP as secondary camera. Now create more and more memories with finest clarity pictures and flood your phone with super hot selfies and groupies.
  6. Storage capacity of 32/64 GB with a stretch-ability power up to 128 GB that means your data storage issue is also resolved now !
  7. Now show a bigger smile because you are getting a smarter smart phone this time who can be its own body guard! Yes , we are talking about the protection against water ,dust and scratch.

Release date and penny worth of the Samsung’s upcoming smartphones

S6 is expected to be launched in March 2015 and Samsung Galaxy S7 can be expected to be launched in the last few months of this year or in the first quarter of 2016.

We know your excitement level might have come down seeing the so-far-releasing dates but nothing huge comes to your way without patience !!

Now how much penny do you need to save to see this smart phone in your hand??? Samsung Galaxy S7 Price

Expected price range is – Rs. 58,000-60,000 INR.

So let’s all of us have some patience and have a great waiting period and don’t forget to stay connected to know more about your favorite smartphones..! Moreover Galaxy S8 is also coming up in few years !

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