6 useful ways you can do to secure your iPhone from Hackers

In this present time, everybody knows that technology is now spreading and some technology experts says that after many years it is moving faster and faster than we could have anticipated. We are not going to need or use computers or having a very large files and folders. Using a smartphone is ‘smart’ enough to do all of that even if need a lot of apps to make our goal faster.

There are also some consequences in that convenience use of smart phones. And there are a lot of measures that is being put  in place to prevent what will present a challenge: Sabotage.

The security of Smartphones is now one of the top priorities that anyone and everyone should be concerned about. Because if someone will get an access on your smartphone, it will get all of your important  or personal files or even your account passwords and bank details.

Apple’s iPhone has an own level among smartphones that needs a very distinct security measures. Apple’s product are probably the most secure, but they are not without their flaws.

Here are some secure measures to protect your iPhone from cyber-criminals or hacking:


1. Always install all of the iOs updates.

Apple’s iOs is secure but it is not fully foolproof, last November 2015, Zrodium announced that there is an anonymous team of researchers hacked the iOs 9 operating system. Some reason for updates is not for added feature, but they are often more on the security purposes and to fix their features.

Zerodium received $1 billion to keep tightlipped about the hack. They make other hackers on red alert that the iOs 9 has a flaw. It is a one good advice to be the look out for the update prompt especially on the iOS 9.3.2 beta 3 version.

Testing your mobile security

Testing your mobile security


2. Have the most effective VPN on iPhone.

There are a lot of internet users that are not aware of being on risk in using a not secured and protected public networks. Using this kind of internet connection can making the hacker easily access your datas.

But if you are using this kind of internet connection like in the campus, shopping malls, coffee shops and other public places, then you should put more attentions in this. If you are using your iPhone in this situation without putting any security features can put it on risk. Whenever you are connected in these kind of internet connection, you need to use a VPN so that it will protect your data away from any hackers.


3. Use strong passcode and passwords for all of your account.

If you are forgetful and hates to remember all of your complicated password, you just use a passwords like 1234 or 0000 to remember it easily. A research by Daniel Amitay tells that among the list of the most common passcodes and provide the weakest security in the case of physical theft of your phone. All of your passwords should be protected by setting up a very strong passwords to fight against the cyber criminals.

But if you are really weak in remembering a lot of passwords from different accounts, you should write all of your passwords or use a password manager.


4. Take a time to research on an App before installing it.

There is a myth that iPhone security is downloading for the Apple App Store is 100%  safe. Some third party apps  have a lot of malwares and malicious codes because they are not downloaded directly on the Apple App Store.


5. Do not connect your Mobile Phone on a public computer

All Apple mobile devices are in prone or vulnerable in different kinds of malware like WireLurker. The WireLurker spreads to iOS devices  whenever they are connected to infected computers. This malware is discovered by Palo Alto Networks that can steal all of your information on your mobile. Always use a computer that you are sure  that it doesn’t have any malware.


6. Ignore and do not open any e-mail from unknown senders

Apple fixed the flaw on its built in email client with recent updates. It will be a guard against the emails that is unverified or unverifiable. If the email contains official and known seal or logo but still looks fishy, call the person for confirmation.


Almost every one of us uses a smartphone especially iPhone and we use it to browse through the internet easily. Whenever we are connected on the internet, we are not aware that it is a not secured and it is prone from hackers. Use a VPN and have a very secure internet  connection. This will make a cover to all of your data so that all of the hackers and other surveillances will not track your data.


Source: huffingtonpost.com


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