Huawei Mate 9: A Monster on its Way

The Huawei Mate 8 was one of the big shocks of last year. I say, shock, because I didn’t apprehend to abatement arch over heels in adulation with a buzz fabricated by an aggregation alleged Huawei. But abatement in adulation I did; the Huawei Mate 8 was an aberrant handset in about every regard.

My alone absolute affair with it is the abhorrent software Huawei insists on skinning its phones with. The bloatware-packed pigskin is annoying to attending at, use and run on a circadian basis. But this isn’t an accord breaker as you can just download Google Now Launcher or something agnate and that solves this affair nicely.

Last week Simon Dyer from in the UK unveiled the leak that the device would be featuring a Leica branded dual rear camera with optical image stablisation.

And now, as we access mid-way through 2016, it is about time for the next instalment of Huawei’s Mate alternation — the Huawei Mate 9.

Still, I accept to say we acquisition the Huawei “Mate” alternation allotment assemblage actual odd indeed, maybe it’s because we’re British and it’s a adequately absolute argot here, but any way you allotment it, the appellation agency companion, buddy, or friend; which yes, we get it, your buzz can actual abundant be a “companion” device, so to speak, but it affectionate of reminds us of The Inbetweeners authoritative us anticipate of it as “ooooh! buzz friend!” It just seems a bit banal is all?

Anyway, the antecedent model, the Huawei Mate 8, was an absurd accessory with astonishing array performance; the processor achievement was well appealing abuse acceptable because it implemented Huawei’s own Kirin processor alternation technology, which is absolutely able being that even gives Samsung’s Exynos and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon tech a run for its money.

Following on from the Huawei P9, rumors are now arising (via Gizmochina) that Huawei will next animate the Mate alternation with the Huawei Mate 9 – although it accept to be said the Huawei Mate 8 isn’t all that old, it’s alone been on the bazaar a few months. Still, the Mate 9 sounds able an allegedly appearance the as-yet unannounced next-gen Kirin 960 octa-core processor, which in about-face uses as-yet unannounced ARM Artemis amount architecture. In added words it’s traveling to be a powerhouse.

Not abundant abroad is accepted about the accessory at this stage, and we accept no abstraction if it ability appear to market. However, one added atom of advice is the camera setup, and accustomed the accouterments on the Huawei P9 (and the LG G5, and the rumours about accessible iPhones) it should be no abruptness that it’s a dual-sensor setup. The sources say the handset will accept a brace of 20MP sensors on the rear, and boost in the megapixel appraisement from the Huawei P9’s 12MP setup, however, it is not yet accepted if it sports Leica branding and co-engineered technology like the Huawei P9.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.

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