How You Can Benefit From Your Old Smartphones

Every year, with the advancement of latest technologies, mobile companies launch various feature laden smartphones under different price range. Though the lifespan for these smartphones are basically 2-3 years, people still purchase these mobile phones the moment they arrive in the market. Now you might be thinking what to do with your old smartphone. You may be amazed to find out that there are various ways you can utilize your old smartphones. Let us go through some of the things that you can do with your used smartphone. 

Use Your Smartphone as a GPS Tracker as well as a Car Stereo

You may love to listen to music a lot while travelling to long distances, but you don’t have a car stereo or MP3 player present. Don’t worry! Insert a MicroSD card filled with all your favorite music into your old smartphone and enjoy music wherever you travel without even purchasing a car stereo. You can also use your smartphone as a GPS location tracker too! Install Google Maps or other mapping apps from Google Play Store and it is done. Finally, purchase a phone holder and a dual port charger for your car and then plug your phone to the charger. Now you can start enjoying uninterrupted music as well as go wherever you want without getting lost.

Use Your Smartphone as a Gaming Device

If you have kids, then the best way to utilize your old smartphones is to convert your mobile into a gaming device for them. Remove all other applications from your smartphone and empty the memory. Now install awesome games and give it to your kids. You can also purchase external controls like joysticks and connect them with your phone through bluetooth or OTG cable. You don’t have to buy an expensive play station or a gaming console to make your children happy now. Your smartphone is more than capable to bring smile to their faces.

Use Your Smartphone as Ebook Reader 

Are you an avid reader of ebooks but cannot afford a Kindle, Nook or Kobo ebook reader to read books? Use your old smartphone as an ebook reader and read your favorite books for free! Nowadays, most smartphones come with an inbuilt pdf viewer. If your smartphone does not have a pdf reader, then visit Google Play and download pdf reader apps for free. Now you can read your favorite ebooks whenever you wish without any hassles.

Turn your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

Do you need a surveillance system for your home but don’t have money to purchase expensive security cameras? No need to worry anymore! You can use your old smartphones as a security camera. There are various security camera applications for you to download from app stores and set everything up. You can monitor everything through your computer or another smartphone using Wi-Fi connection.

Sell or Trade-in Your Old Smartphone

If you need some quick money to purchase a new smartphone or for any other requirements, you can sell your phone through various online classified websites to different people. There are also different websites that purchase old phones in exchange of money or gift cards. You can also opt for online trade-in facilities by various websites. But you must know one important point that before selling or trading in your phone, you must wipe out every data present in your device so that no one can access your personal and confidential data.

These are some of the many amazing things that you can do with your old and used smartphone. The only thing that you need is your creativity and you can repurpose your old phone in any way you want.

Author Bio: John Tiropanis is a technology blogger who shares information about technology and mobile phone related news. Here he discusses about the different ways to use your old smartphones.

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