Horn Tops iPhone Games of the Week

The iPhone seems to have a large launch of games almost weekly. It could be the difference between the launch of a new game or simply a game that had already been released is getting noticed. There are a lot of reasons for why someone may be attracted to a game, but overall it is the simple fact that people are looking for a little bit of entertainment. Some games remain on your iPhone for quite some time while others tend to attract you, but you quickly lose interest.


Below is the list of the top games of the week. The list was built based on the amount of times that the game was downloaded or accessed throughout the week.


  1. Horn- This is a fun fantasy game that will take some time to beat. It is the storyline that a young blacksmith named Horn will be in charge of breaking a curse that has been put on his village in which changed all of its inhabitants to monsters. It is a fun game packed with many challenges, and can be acquired for your iPhone for around $7.
  2. Gasketball- This is a great game to involve your friends or even just find a stranger that might like to play. It takes the basketball classic Horse and changes it in a fun and creative way. You will be in-charge of creating a dynamic shot that your opponents will never be able to make. You of course have to make the shot first, and if your opponents are unable to complete the task they will gain a letter.
  3. VOTE!!!- This is a great free app for those political junkies out there. You no longer have to worry about posting the latest jab on behalf of your candidate on your Facebook page; you can literally have your candidate battle it out in this fun politically themed game. It has President Obama and Mitt Romney literally battling through many levels of fun. The best part? It is free.
  4. Oregon Trail: Director
Jason Phillips

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Felicia - October 25, 2012

Hi Jason,
I’ve seen my officemate play Horn on his ipad and it seems to me like a mature version of the PS2 game ICO with a bit of Shadow of Colossus feel to it. With that said, it’s certainly a good looking game. Too bad I don’t have any iOS mobile devices or I would’ve surely gotten this game.

Blue Sharing - December 6, 2012

Few days ago I read your article and then i tried basketball really it’s very nice game… I like to play this game…….


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