Coolest Gadgets Of 2017 – You Really Need Them!

Gadgets are technical devices for completely different purposes – these are the best friends of a person. According to statistics, for every person living on Planet Earth, there are at least three technical devices, that is, a useful gadget. Being completely different and intended for different purposes (watches and phones, docking stations and microphones, projectors and miniature robots), gadgets greatly facilitate a person’s life, enable living in hi-tech style, and do not let people get bored.

New gadgets in 2017 will give people the opportunity to look at the world around them in a new way. For the umpteenth time. Do you agree? The smartphone has long ceased to be something stunning, although it still remains an indispensable device for a person in everyday life. The revolution brings joy to his life today, and here we are speaking EXCLUSIVELY of the world of high technologies.

High-tech is a recognizable style, which is referred to as modernism. It is original, distinctive and attracts a lot of attention. It is these principles that are followed by companies engaged in the production of small devices that greatly facilitate human life.

In 2017, according to information found on the Internet, the world of high technology will change. Are these changes essential? Let’s deal with this issue together. In addition, we present you some of the coolest gadgets of 2017.

Some of these were announced with great expectation, as they were part of the two most important technological events of the year: the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the CES International Fair in Las Vegas. You could say that the present technology is increasingly surprising, from robots that prepare exotic mixtures of coffee to smart beds that warm cold feet at night.

It does not matter the age or if it is or is not “technological”. The options are multiple and add to the ease of adapting to the everyday life. The technology that surrounds us is the extension of something that we have already become accustomed to.

Although the following products can lead to an “I would never use it” opinion, there are others for which we will have a “definitely need it” notion.

Samsung Galaxy S8

A new version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone arrived in April, this year. What’s new in this model is its beautiful curved design without borders, very elegant indeed. It is equipped with two processors manufactured with 10 nm nanotechnology (new in the mobile industry), dual storage capacity (64 GB), wireless charge, Bixby virtual assistant, waterproof and Bluetooth 5.

JJRC H37 Elfie Drone

It’s no wonder that drones are among the most dominant gadgets these several years. People enjoy using them in many different ways, among which for taking pictures of themselves as well. Here is one of the best drones for this purpose in 2017, called H37 Elfie drone. According to the manufacturer JJRC, the H37 Elfie drone is the smallest selfie drone in the world. Designed with foldable propeller arms, the JJRC H37 Elfie is an incredibly compact drone that you can take anywhere you go. It weighs only 73 grams and can be easily put in a pocket. With a price only slightly under $100, the JJRC H37 Elfie is one of the most affordable drones in this category of drones. You can find out all the features and important information about this drone in the detailed review at

The JJRC H37 Elfie is available at a great low price of just $99.99 at myMobile Gear.

iPhone 8 – with full glass design

Even without clear launch dates, this smartphone celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2017 with a new version. The most notable of its arrival according to the house of development is its total design in glass, the organic LED display, without front button front and functionalities that integrate it with augmented reality.

Asus Zenfone – augmented reality

Already in 2016, we saw important steps in augmented reality and virtual reality in the everyday: Pokémon Go, Oculus Rift, among others.

So Asus wanted to bet on the immediate future with its Zenfone AR. The Zenfone AR integrates augmented and virtual reality supporting two Google platforms that allow the use of this technology: Tango and Daydream. This means that your hardware has been created to sense movement, depth and to learn from your environment to run AR and VR apps.

Nokia 3310 –  the cell phone that travels in time

126 million sold Nokia 3310 phones is not a joke. It’s a legend, it’s a cult device, worth, by the way, decent money – about 200 dollars. A youth model of the middle class with a five-line screen with a decent resolution of 84×84 pixels. On it you could write SMS messages three times longer than usual And most importantly – “Snake”.

Actually, the new version of the Nokia 3310 is not a smartphone. But it’s retro, which is fashion and trendy. The new Nokia 3310 is inspired by the design of the original (released back in 2000). It is thinner, with more rounded corners and more subtle buttons. It comes in the traditional deep blue and silver gray, and – although you cannot change the covers – you can choose it in new colors: yellow or orange. It allows browsing through the Opera Mini and accessing Facebook and Twitter, although with its capacity of 2.5 G is asking too much. The camera has only 2 megapixels. Its 2.4-inch screen is in color but with a resolution of 240×320.

Carbon Works, the lightest smartphone

A Dubai startup company called Carbon Works plans to win the Guinness World Record with the lightest cell phone in the world, which according to its creators, has deciphered the weight enigma with carbon fiber technology. The model presented at the 2017 Mobile World Congress will be on the market for October 2017. It weighs 107 grams and has a thickness of 4.6 mm which also makes it three times more resistant than the average phone.

Dell 2-in-1 Convertible Models

Dell introduces new convertible laptops within the Latitude and XPS 13 lines. The first ones come with a great definition screen plus a stylized and robust keyboard that makes them look like a laptop and not as a hybrid. The XPS 13 series are an advanced version of the previous ones, which among others include a flexible shaft of rotation for use in different positions.

The Acer Predator 21 X gaming laptop

This computer is specially designed for gamers with a giant curved 21-inch display – the first in its series – and a camera with visual tracking. The Acer Predator 21 X gaming laptop is also equipped with 9 ventilation tubes to keep the two GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs and the two power supplies, four speakers and two subwoofers in normal temperature. This is a laptop with 8.8 kg weight. I’d say this is the gamers’ ultimate choice.

The Razer Project Valerie

It is a new concept of laptops that launches this year that has multiple applications when a screen is not enough. This device adds two additional screens to the main that are folded and expanded at will to use independently or together. Each screen is 17 inches and supports a resolution of 4K, with an average weight of 6 kg.

Polaroid Pop Funky Instaprint

By the end of 2017 a new Polaroid will arrive that combines the mystique of the traditional camera, favorite for decades, with the current digital precision. The result of this mix will be more magic distributed in mini-instants frozen in time with high resolution and full color.

Panasonic Lumix GH5

It is the most complete camera in the Panasonic catalog. It has a 3D color control and a digital noise that quadruples its accuracy. The 20.3-megapixel Live MOS sensor with no low-pass filter outperforms the GH4. According to the manufacturer, it is the first DSLM camera in the world with professional quality standards, which has the possibility of recording video in 4K of 60p / 50p ultra high definition.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

Alternatives to the Amazon Echo do not wait. This wizard that helps control the environment such as music, news, traffic, orders and other compatible devices through voice has encountered strong competitors. The new Lenovo speaker is a bit more economical, more colorful and includes eight microphones with a voice capture range of almost 5 meters away. Besides, it counts on the voice of Amazon Alexa.

Hello Egg: the kitchen smart assistant

The charm of this smart kitchen assistant is its oval shape and built-in projector that makes it look like a magic ball for the kitchen. This egg not only searches the recipes that you’re asking for but it also projects videos with step-by-step instructions for preparation. In addition, it allows you to store diets according to your preferences: for vegans, gluten-free, etc. Organizing a shopping list is another cool feature of this handy smart kitchen gadget.

Aristotle, the first baby assistant

Coming from Mattel, the device is the combination of the Amazon Echo and a smart baby monitor. Along with the speaker a camera works as well. The main purpose of Aristotle is to help with tasks such as calming the baby, buying more diapers, encouraging children with good manners or helping them to learn another language and accompanying the baby while sleeping or when the baby is awake in the middle of the night.

Kuri, the nanny robot

Whether we want it or not, the robots are about to emerge in our lives. The next proposal comes from Mayfield Robotics and is called Kuri. The robot has not yet been officially released for sale, but the company is already making improvements before the robot’s debut at the end of the year.  It is amazing, tender and technologically effective. This little robot learns to move smoothly, runs the home and avoids any obstacles. It has a security camera and many home-intelligent features inside it. Kuri’s main task is to take care of the little ones and pets while they are alone.

Kuri can now recognize dogs and cats – the robot will know how to treat them and treat them differently than, say, Homo sapiens. The camera with which the robot sees and navigates will also be improved – it will have a 1080p resolution.

Even Kuri’s feet have undergone metamorphosis – instead of conventional wheels, Mayfield has set up chains. They are quiet, more maneuverable and can easily be moved by passing through different pavements – carpets, tiles and more. The robot is still quite expensive with its $ 699 and it should take some time before we know what it can do at home. However, the fact that the company makes improvements before even one piece has appeared on the market is encouraging.

Nintendo Switch

Definitely one of the hits in the year of 2017. Launched in March, the Nintendo Switchh already set a historic record in sales with more than 900 thousand units in the United States alone. As a hybrid console, its primary feature is that it can be played on-site or behaved at will.

Previously known as NX, the Nintendo Switch console looks like a tablet computer with two small controllers attached to both sides of the console.

Nintendo Switch can be put into dock, which allows playing video games at home on TV, and can also be used as a portable console. The games for the console will come in small cartridges, like the old Nintendo consoles.

Lego Boost: robots and intelligent blocks

Lego points you to computerized parts to turn your blocks and figures into action robots. New creations can also be integrated with previous Lego kits. The Lego Boost integrates an app that creates voice recording effects that will give life to the robots.

At the heart of the gadget is a motorized unit called Move Hub. Power comes from six AAA batteries. In addition, it is equipped with a tilt sensor. The kit for $ 159.99 includes programmable unit, engine, combined color and distance sensors, as well as more than 843 traditional Lego parts. But the kit does not include a tablet with the OS IOS or Android to use the attached application, which is also a guide to using the programming tools by drag and drop.

LG W7 Lightweight TVs

The new LG W7 series of 65 and 77 inches are the lightest, thinnest and according to its manufacturer, handle the best video quality within the range of wall-mounted TV sets. They handle the ports and connections outside the screen which led them to achieve the “ultra-thin” effect.

Smart bed: Sleep Number 360

It’s no secret that the quality of sleep at night largely impacts a person’s condition throughout the next day. That’s why the Sleep Number company has been producing smart beds for several years to improve the quality of sleep. This year at the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the manufacturer introduced a new model called 360, capable of tracking the position of the user in a dream and changing its form accordingly so that he is comfortable in any position.

With the slogan “the rebirth of the beds” its manufacturer was the winner of the awards in innovation of CES 2017 in the category of appliances. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed, based on intelligent biometric technology, guarantees a comfortable sleep because it adapts to the movements and positions of its occupant. It also warms the feet and shifts position before snoring to improve breathing.


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