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India, for a long time now, has been on Apple’s radar. A country where nearly 125 million smartphone users and over a billion cell phone user’s reside, encompassing the world’s one-third cell phone base in league with China and the United States.

Apple has been trying constantly to overcome failures in the Asian supermarkets for a few years already. With the introduction of iPhone 5 series, which they thought was “low-priced” edition and would do great in the Asian markets, ended up failing miserably worldwide and not only in India.

Each year, Apple has kept innovation and creativity at bay and has tried successively to only make a sale because of their name and a tag that follows “Made In U.S.A”. But what the mobile phone giant fails to understand is that, Indian mindsets do not match with that of American. In India, people look for “cheap & best” options with almost everything they do in life. A country where cost of living is on a constant rise, and salaries are far too low for an averagely educated person, no-one will be able to afford to purchase one Apple device at the cost of two!

Apple iPads are pretty much the same, expensive and relatively heavier as compared to its competitors. Although, all Apple devices, whether iPhone, iPod or iPad, work on the same iOS version, iOS 10 which is the currently running iOS everywhere, but the older versions of iPads may not be eligible for this upgrade due to hardware

Still Apple continues to enjoy a perfectly good name in India because it is considered a “Rich Man’s Tool”, and it would be very hard to see it in the hands of a majority of regular Indians. Some Indians, with relatives or friends living overseas, mostly Europe and the USA, are asked to bring Apple devices from those countries, for their cost effectiveness and for worldwide warranty that it entails.

An Apple ipad prices in India can be considered truly ‘unfair’ in experts’ opinion. It would mean giving up on a month, or in some cases, even two months’ salary only buy an Apple product that might eventually end up slipping out of your hand and break into fragments, there goes your hard earned money!

Apple iPad prices in India vary with the size of the device and whether or not you want 3G or LTE services and it comes in three distinct memory sizes, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB and the prices vary based on that too. The prices as under, are mentioned for their lowest category with 32GB and only with WI-FI compatibility, all prices are in Indian Rupees.

7.9-inch iPad Mini 2 — 21,900

7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 — 31,900

9.7-inch iPad Air 2 — 31,900

9.7-inch iPad Pro — 49,900

12.9-Inch iPad Pro — 65,900

Even though, Apple is known to be reliable and a better business machine than a personal mate, people who buy this expensive only continue to do so for the sake of “looking rich” in front of people and this style statement ends up costing them very dearly when the device cracks its screen and it looks bad enough to just let it slide. Also, carrying a costly product like that can be very dangerous, since it costs almost as much as jewelry!

While there are many Apple resellers in India, there are only a few Apple stores in the whole country. For more information and purchase of Apple products you can visit Indiashopps which offers a pretty good price comparisons so the buyers’ can make a clear and distinctive choice.

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