Freedom 251 SmartPhone: A Scam Or Genuine?

Is Freedom 251 Scam Or Genuine? After the images of the budget Freedom 251 smartphone being circulated online, there has been emergence of multiple controversies and this entire project sounds fishy. Below is why we feel that.


Is Freedom 251 scam?

  • Copied design: There are no prizes for guessing that Freedom 251 smartphone looks more or less like Apple iPhone. The touch ID, the icons of dialer, camera, calculator, clock etc. are picked up from iOS.
  • Images on the main website differ from the circulated images: The funny thing here is that images of Freedom 251 on official site no where looks close to the images being circulated online. Even a child can make out the differences.
  • A Rebadged Adcom Ikon 4? Upon further investigation by some keen eyed people on facebook, Freedom 251 was found to be Adcom Ikon 4, a chinese smartphone that is being sold at an immense loss.



  • Adcom being clueless: Adcom is clueless about its branding used by Ringing Bells. The fact is that the units given for reviews had whitener applied to hide the Adcom logo on the device. Why would they do that?
  • Pricing is too good to be true: According to Livemint, the price of the smartphone outdoes the cost of manufacturing. For an example a 4-inch display assembly would cost more than $35, which is 2,400 INR approximately. The Indian Cellular Association has said the minimum price for a phone with 3G connectivity is 2,700 INR and that it is impossible to offer a 3G device at Rs 251.
  • Following the footsteps of Aakash/Ubislate? The problems we faced earlier with low cost Aakash tablet cannot be ignored. Many users haven’t received their tablet even though they paid upfront, forget about those who used cash on delivery as the payment option.
  • Questions on its predecessor: There were numerous complaints that Ringing Bells couldn’t deliver its Smart 101 handset as well after taking the payments online.

So, what do you guys think about Freedom 251 scam? Do let us know via comments.

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