Apple’s Blunders After Steve Jobs And Cook’s Different Leadership Style To Handle Things

The post-Steve Jobs era of Apple is facing blunders. iPhone 5 is within hands of the users and there are complaints about this most popular mobile phone launch. The apologizing of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, about poor Maps app performance is acceptance of the failure actually.

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Cook explained that Apple always strives to make the products of best standards, but sometimes, unfortunate situations may happen and the Maps app is one of them. He said that we would work harder to improve the Maps app functioning as soon as possible.

The most alarming thing is all the mistakes are happening after Steve Jobs and Apple is admitting each mistake publicly. There are many official apologies from Apple in the past 3 months, a frustrating thing for hard-core Apple fans.

Before the Maps app issue, Apple has also apologized on the issue of EPEAT environmental rating system. This was meant to inform the users whether a company is making Eco friendly products or not. Apple didn’t agree to the rating system by saying that its own standards are quite high about making Eco friendly products. However, after receiving poor remarks from the customers, the company had to go for a public apology. After that, all products of Apple came back on EPEAT.

Another point when Apple apologized that “It was a mistake” was about lowering the retail store staff. The step was taken by John Browett, SVP of the Retail, and company tied up the step to enhancing the profitability. Later on, after realizing the situation, the company declared that a mistake.

Kristin Huguet announced about reversing the changes and said that employees are their assets who do every single effort to provide the end customers matchless services.

What are the reasons behind making more mistakes at the end of Apple?

The mistakes may be a reflection of transition from Jobs to Cook era, says Tim Bajarin, analyst at Creative Strategies. He further says that some things slip through the cracks and Apple is getting matured with its new management.

Siri and Genius Ad campaigns are among others that were criticized by many users. The Ads were removed after going on air first time during Olympics. The Ads were considered as accepting the failures while Apple declared that it was part of the plan. Siri also had certain limitations that proved the claims of Apple wrong. Although Apple didn’t accepted the Siri mistake, but some insiders to apple said that Steve Jobs was lost over this Siri issue.

Another mistake that made apple get embarrassed was the standalone podcast app, released in July. The bloggers criticized the podcast for being poor in design and slow in loading. The poor standard of app made that being rated with 2.5 stars on iTunes. After realizing the mistake, Apple worked over improving that and issued a big update.

The leadership style of Steve Jobs and Cook is different. Jobs never went for acknowledging the mistake at first, blamed the users first and then later on went for clarification. However, Cook has some different approach; he accepts any mistake without any waste of time and assures that improvement will be made sooner. This might be the leadership style that’s making the transition of Apple slow and resulting in many mistakes in short period of time.

Regardless of the leadership issues, Apple needs to be alert of the mistakes becoming blunders to retain the loyal customers. Competition is tough in the world of smartphones and a single wrong move can cause heavy loss to any Smartphone manufacturer. Be cautious Apple!

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