Top 7 Android Phones For Business Persons

Although being similar to the iPhone, Android Phones are better to work with as they provide the user more options than any iPhone – customized user interface, unique web surfing capabilities, social networking integration just to name a few. One highlighting feature of Android in comparison to iPhone is Widgets. Widgets are beneficial and comforting as they provide information on your home screen without even opening the application, for instance clock widget or a weather widget.

The flexibility of Android phones are much better than the iPhone as the number of applications that are available in the android market allow you to download an alternative application to replace anything that you do not like.

Speaking about the android phones, they come in all different shapes and sizes including the most fascinating set of features. Arm wrestling to get hold of the iOS market, android phones are being introduces at a constant steady rate. At this rate, decisions to buy a better android phone get tougher and tougher. Here are some selected android phones which you would like to have in your pocket.

1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a 4G LTE smartphone with an Android 4.0 OS, better known as Ice Cream Sandwich, it has a 32GB internal storage, longer battery life and the best Verizon applications preinstalled. Ice Cream Sandwich being Galaxy Nexus

Ilya Elbert

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Amit Shaw - May 26, 2012

Hi Ilya Thanks for sharing this list mate. I would love to use Motorola Droid Razr its really superb Android phones.

    Ilya Elbert - May 27, 2012

    That would be a great choice too. One of my cousin is
    using it and it really is awesome phone.

Peter @ Samsung Galaxy S3 - May 26, 2012

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S2 now, absolutely love it! I would go for the even more superior Samsung Galaxy S3 if I didn’t buy the S2 2 months ago. But I will keep the S2 for at least a year and wait till the price of the S3 dropped a little. Who knows, we might have the S4 or S5 by then 😛

    Ilya Elbert - May 27, 2012

    Yeah, the way technology is coming, we might get a chance to
    see S6 or S7

Puneet - May 26, 2012

Don’t you think Blackberry is still the best for businessmen?

    Ilya Elbert - May 27, 2012

    Blackberry is a very nice OS but the main problem they
    people have – their OS and its features are way too old in comparison
    to iOS or Android devices. But Blackberry 10 might change the way we
    think about the blackberry. Let’s see how it goes !!

vishu. - May 26, 2012

thanks these are definitely good smart to carry on business trips

shashank - May 27, 2012

Till date I was under impression for business people only BB phones are useful! Nice compilation! Thanks for such a gr8 blog.

Ahsan@Tech Blogger - May 27, 2012

From the beginning, I am fan of Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Thanks for share top Android phones.

Megan - June 16, 2012

I use to sell my Blackberry because it doesn’t satisfy me anymore, The smartphones now in the have really great features 🙂

Emma - July 30, 2012

Hey Ilya, nice list but my choice would be Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Touch screen keyboard and a very fast performing phone. This phone is considered to be the best Android phone on the market today.


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