DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac Review

With the flood of DVD cloning devices in the market, the users tend to get confused which software to actually use to safeguard their DVD library on their Mac devices. DVDFab DVD copy for MAC promises what is actually is. It successfully proves itself to be a perfect combination of DVD copy for MAC, DVD cloner and also a DVD burner. It guarantees to keep the contents of the original DVD intact with an amazing final output with the user’s choice of type of output. It has the ability to copy, burn and clone a DVD within a matter of few clicks!

DVDFab Copy for Mac

It is customized to support multi core CPU’s with unmatchable speed. Storage really does not pose a problem with this device. If the user wants to clone the DVD onto a new DVD or even their MAC device, DVDFab DVD copy for Mac does that for the user. 1:1 ratio clones are the final outputs. Compressing a DVD-9 into a DVD-5 was not so easy before. The user has to spend a few notes to buy this software with a life time package. The developers have given an option of 30 day trial period. With a comfort level to use it with quirkiness in it the users are definitely going to use the paid version as well.

The actual software is offered in six modes- full disk, customize mode, movie mode, burn/clone, merge option as well as split option. Full disk means the user can copy the entire DVD content. Customize mode helps the user to manage and change the DVD suiting his requirements. Movie mode means that the user can copy the longest movie title. The burn and clone mode also assists the user to create the Mac DVD copy. The final output is converted in the form of ISO image file which helps the user with the option of portability. They can easily carry around the compressed DVD copy for Mac. It serves as the answers to all the woes of a person who wants to preserve his DVD library for long.

It helps to personalize the audio and video mechanism of the DVD very easily. One can now easily remove the unwanted annoying content, copy only a certain part of the DVD, sub picture the streams, manage the playback of titles, write the speed and the options are limitless. One can use inputs of various types like the DVD folder, DVD-Video Disk and ISO image file and the output are ISO image, DVD folder and DVD-Video disk. There are a few system requirements for DVDFab DVD copy for Mac like the Intel R processor, a DVD drive, at least a 20 GB free storage space, a stable internet connection, Mac OS 10.6 and above also a 512 RAM and above.

To get the DVD copy for your Mac device you need to spend at least $49 after the trial period is over. It does what is says. The user will not regret buying this software.



Pulkit Juneja

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