Comparing data recovery software to search for the number one

Thanks to the advent of new technology, computer users are relieved of the tragic loss of important files or inadvertent error of deleting relevant data. There are many options that offer retrieval of missing data and files. To help you choose the top one data recovery software, three of the best software for recovery is compared. Top number one was found after evaluating them. Opt for the file recovery software that will work best for you!

# 3 – PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a bit offline for regular PC users for it stores recovered files in the installed directory of the software. This software is easy to take around as it is portable by nature. It can be used across different hard disks and memory devices. To execute recovery process, it uses command line or DOS box. After the search button is clicked for the program, it scans automatically the recoverable files. You can choose the best option for recovery.


  • Free and no license is required.
  • To execute the recovery process, use command line or DOS box.
  • Portable in nature.


  • Scanning process is time-consuming especially if the bad sectors are within the damaged segments.
  • Interface not suitable for regular computer users.
  • It requires some skill set in handling a computer using the command line or DOS box.
  • Folder fails to show a live update of the recovered contents within it.
  • Difficulty in renaming the data or gaining access to the log sheet.

# 2 – Recuva

Recuva is file recovery software that helps in retrieving deleted files virtually from any disk. It is capable of data recovery from NTFS, FAT, and any other file system whether in a compact flash, external drives, hard drive, thumb drive, or any having a memory. Simple interface makes it easy even for newbie to use and recover data in a few simple steps.


  • Version is free.
  • User-friendly.
  • Includes secure-deleting feature.
  • Portable version loads from a USB stick.


  • Data recovery software performance is not up to par with other paid software.
  • In rare cases, it fails to recover files that are on the hard disk in the same location.
  • Not as powerful as for-purchase alternatives that are still on the hard disk in the same location.
  • Sometimes failure to find missing files.

# 1 – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The process used in data recovery software of Recovery wizard is done in few simple steps. It can identify files or data that are lost/stolen/damaged data from any hard disk, including flash card, thumb drives, and CF found in the external drives. File recovery software in freeware version recovers up to 1GB recovery limit. It is useful for personal users who lost important files. Fast scan technology completes scanning a disk or a partition at a much faster rate. To recover the whole lost date, the system must be upgraded.


  • Interface is simple.
  • Options are clearly stated.
  • Files are easily recovered.
  • Uses fast scan technology.
  • There is a free version.


  • No option in saving scan results.
  • Cannot recover common files format such as MP3.
  • Needs upgrading to recover entire lost data.


All recovery systems have the same mission but differ in the process of recovery and efficiency. Therefore, you have to choose the data recovery software that meets all your needs. Nothing is perfect but there is still one that goes above the others. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers advanced features compared with other file recovery software. Get number one for the best recovery service!


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