The Value of the Intangible

Apps are a dime a dozen nowadays. With the proliferation of portable gadgets that emulate at the very least the most basic functions of a personal computer, this sudden abundance of apps was inevitable. A quick Google search will show you that Apple

Crystal Sanders

Crystal is a writer and a content blogger from Reno, Nevada. She currently works for CellPhoneCity -- a place where you can buy refurbished cell phones for less.

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Ahsan@Tech Blogger - May 18, 2012

Different company apps. are finding huge competition in the market place. I think it is good for users

    Crystal Sanders - May 18, 2012

    Thanks for leaving some feedback on the article. Well, everything has its pros and cons. It’s true that having a vast options of apps out in the market is good for us but it does not guarantee us that all of them are safe and secure for us to use.

pol - May 19, 2012

blackberry smartphones are special for official apps and work. so people buy their smartphone for mainly working advantage and some different experiences .

schill39@tabletpcreviews - May 19, 2012

Surely that Apple and Android shows hundreds and thousands of carriers but Blackberry still is a good thing. Thanks for this article Crystal.

    Crystal Sanders - May 21, 2012

    Blackberry might be struggling to stay on track but they are still in the game. I’m glad you liked the article. Thanks for reading it!


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