How to Improve Battery Life of BlackBerry Devices?

Smartphones are powerful tools that many people use on a daily basis, but their ever-increasing functionality has meant that battery life often fails to last the distance. No matter if the battery capacity of your phone is less or more, it drains at the same pace because of the hardware which runs on that battery. If you are a BlackBerry user, there are a number of things you can do to improve battery life.

Low Battery

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Rogue Apps

If you own a BlackBerry device, you certainly have used the App World service to download one or more applications to help improve the features of the phone or keep you entertained while you are out and about.

Of course, the most prolific app down-loaders could have accumulated hundreds of little programs, many of which they use on a regular basis. It is worth noting, however, that different apps will consume different amounts of energy by dint of what resources they are harnessing.

For example, an app which uses complex graphical elements as well as audio and even vibration, such as a game or video streaming service, will be far more of a drain on your battery than an app that lets you check e-mails or read static text.

Meanwhile, any app that requires a constant network connection will be even more of a battery hog, because whether it harnesses Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth or GPS it will need the energy boost that is necessary to keep these services operating.

For example, an app that has integrated advertising in order to make it free will be using your network connection regularly. As such, you might consider getting the paid, ad-free version, which will be less reliant on this kind of connectivity.

App optimization is another point to consider, since some apps are better produced than others, with poor programming occasionally leading to a rouge app that is going to eat into your battery life unnecessarily. Check out user reviews and online opinions on this topic in order to determine which are the worst offenders.

Meanwhile, you should also consider the best time to use certain apps in order to maximise your battery. Ultimately, using a resource-intensive app when you have only limited battery life left is not sensible.

Managed Multitasking

Another facet of your BlackBerry that you may not think of as having an impact on battery life is multitasking. This is an eminently useful function as it makes jumping between recently used apps a doddle, with no need to endure loading times and quick access to services which run unobtrusively in the background.

However, multitasking requires processing power and if you leave lots of apps open this can quickly burn through your battery without giving you an obvious reason as to why this is occurring. In order to avoid the issues of over-wrought multitasking, it makes sense to properly exit applications which you know you will not be using in the immediate future as soon as you have finished with them.

You would not leave lots of apps running on your PC once you have finished using them, but because your phone lacks a dedicated mains power supply it is even more important to kill unused apps and free up processing capacity and memory in the process.

When you no longer need an app, rather than switching to a different app or backing out using cancel, you should bring up the menu and scroll down to the bottom, where the option to close or terminate the app should be displayed clearly.

Selecting this will prevent it from running in the background while you are getting on with other things, thus saving you precious battery life to keep your device running for longer.

Final Thoughts

It is worth pointing out that you need to be judicious in your management of BlackBerry applications, both in terms of choosing which apps to use in a particular situation and which apps to kill to avoid a multitasking overload.

For example, it might be useful to keep the browser open in the background if you use it regularly to find deals on BlackBerry SIM only on this useful site, because constantly starting it up from scratch might be a pain.

On the other hand, services which use a lot of your system resources but only come in handy from time to time can be closed without too much debate and allow you to get the maximum usage out of your handset’s battery.


Sarah James is a tech writer and smartphone enthusiast who wants to help consumers make the most out of their handset through her articles on sites and blogs. Whether helping you to find deals on BlackBerry SIM only on this useful site or working out which new model is the best in a competitive market, she is always on hand with reliable, impartial advice.

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Puneet - June 28, 2012

yes, apps should be used wisely and also I think plug in the charge only when your phone’s battery consumed completely. when You plug the charger in then make it full charge.

Ahsan - June 29, 2012

These are some good tips to improve battery life of Blackberry. The most important point you said avoid multitasking work

    Sarah - July 2, 2012

    Hi Ahsan,

    Thanks that you liked my article. Yeah actually I think that by avoiding multitasking we can avoid deteriorating of battery life.. 🙂


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