Apr 272012

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Stella Rebecca

Stella Rebecca has been in the business of providing quality information on Mobile Phone Monitoring. Her main expertise lies within the spectrum of iPhone Tracking software and Android Tracking which are making waves in the technology world today.

  14 Responses to “BlackBerry Still ahead of the rest in terms of device Security”

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  1. Don’t disagree at all with the fact that they’re in the lead for security, but they’re still in a lot of trouble over the next 3 years. Blackberry 10 is make or break it for RIM.

  2. Its surprised me. till now I was thinking its Nokia who is ahead in terms of security but Its blackberry. Thanks for information Naser.

  3. Hi Stella Rebecca BlackBerry is always best in terms of security, that’s why i use and prefer Blackberry.

  4. It’s always been easy to secure a device that fewer and fewer people are using.

  5. While BB leads in terms of security. I am still not buying this phone because of its oldish design.

    • I think you must have to go for Black Berry Storm 9530, Black Berry Storm2 9550, Black Berry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Style 9670, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Black Berry Pearl Flip 8220, Black Berry Pearl Flip 8230 because these handsets are different as compare to its traditional handsets.

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