6 Tips To Secure Your Google Smartphone

It was not very long ago that the Android market was hit with a vicious malware that infected smartphone only to steal the user’s information. DroidDream was the popular application that was found to be the culprit. Even though when later Google had no other way but to use the built-in mechanism to eradicate the problematic app, it was only after the virus had affected thousands of devices.

Android Security6 Tips to secure your Google smartphone:

1. Setup a password Right Away

There is a rather large variety of options that you can take to secure your Android. One of the more popular methods of locking the phone is the pattern lock. With this you setup a pattern on a 3×3 dotted table and use that pattern to unlock the device. There is the PIN lock which uses numbers to lock the device. The Password locks which let you use letters and numbers to make up the code. And lastly the


Andrew Paul has been in the business of providing quality information on Android Phone Tracking. His main experties lies within the spectrum of Android Spy Software which are making waves in the technology world today.

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Amit Shaw - May 28, 2012

Thanks Andrew for sharing this tips with us. I am using Sony Ericssion but soon i will change it to S3 or Any Google Smart Phone.
Hope this tricks will be helpful for me. Thanks.

    Andrew - May 28, 2012

    Welcome Amit for your kind reply. Sure lot of Sony Ericsson smart phones have Android OS and you can use these tips to secure any android mobile phone.

pol - May 29, 2012

official android market is the best choice for installing the original software. those tips are helpful.

    Andrew - May 30, 2012

    Thank you pol. Definitely Android market is the trusted place to install the original software. According to the latest in a blog post by Google Mobile Lockheimer Hiroshi, Vice President of Engineering in Android, Google will provide automatic scanning robot market potential for malicious software which is “codenamed Bouncer”. It performs a set of analyses on new applications and all existed applications in Android Market.

Ahmed - May 29, 2012

Mostly anti-theft and other softs work only on rooted devices.

    Andrew - May 30, 2012

    Its depends on Platform. Some of the Android un-rooted devices accept the third party apps and softs but iPhone needs to be jail break before install any third party software.

Greg - May 30, 2012

Good tips, Andrew. Can you tell me whether Lookout is a free antivirus or nor and where I can download it.

    Naser Mohd Baig - May 30, 2012

    Hello Greg, lookout is a free antivirus. You can download it from here

Ahsan@Tech Blogger - May 30, 2012

I haven’t any Google Smart Phone yet. But I think all Smart Phone users will be benefited from this valuable tips

Andrew - May 31, 2012

Greg You can download it free from Google play store. Premium for android is also available if you need enhanced security.

Mark - September 12, 2012

The advice to not root your phone is not entirely accurate.
“By rooting your device you are essentially removing a number of restrictions that are imposed on the device by the manufacturer and carrier, which are their in the first pace to make it easier for apps to run on your phone.” Other than the obvious misuse of “their”, there is no technical merit to this statement. Restrictions in no way make it any easier for apps to run on your phone.
Also, you have to allow each app to take advantage of root privileges. It is very granular and doesn’t just give everything free range to molest your phone.

The better way to say that rooting can expose you to problems would be:
“Rooting your phone allows applications to bypass some device security mechanisms and possibly tamper with files or settings that should not be tampered with. While granular controls of which applications have this ability are available, most users will simply allow them without knowing what they are doing”

Alok - June 24, 2013

I think they have grown up a lot. They are now aware about the malware and viruses. I think Android is becoming a best platform over all devices.

Rousell - August 26, 2013

Andrew, I am using Quick Heal Antivirus App to get secure my Android System. Is it okay? Do you have any review of using Antivirus App into the Android?

Please let me know.


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