Android or Symbian: Which one should you go for?

Android and Symbian are two open mobile running systems. Though both platforms are open, but the Android OS provides limited openness when the Symbian is certainly open. The qualities of Android reveals the fact that it offers unlimited applications whilst the Symbian provides restricted. It is primarily considering the platform offers a whole lot much more choices on the subject of user’s productiveness.
Symbian or Android
The two top platform producers, Google and Nokia, unveiled their plenty of up-to-date operating-method for smartphones.

The Symbian system is applied by Nokia and other same phones as an running method. A droid is usually a mobile in which the Android running system is used. Android battle or even any mobile operating system battle for that matter.

Android, these are the mobile running systems you might be torn in between. So, by the time the very first Android smartphone was introduced, there were a few Android applications available for downloading. In January 2010, Google unveiled its own Android-based smartphone to compete against other smartphone manufacturers. Nexus One was the first official smartphone by Google. Moreover, Google has as well seized the Android application marketplace by holding developer contests and offering cash prices. The Nokia Belle is considered to be produced to match up the operation and recognition of Android.

Belle is consistently the upgrade edition of the Symbian 3 or at the same time identified as the Symbian Anna. Currently, only low-end devices are employing the Symbian OS. Nokia has remained a global marketplace leader that uses Symbian OS. World more than, Nokia dominates the smartphone market, armed with the Symbian running program. Symbian is mostly used in mobile phone manufactured by Finnish enterprise Nokia, which brought the Symbian ltd. According to mobile phones analysts, the future of Symbian phones isn’t very good.

This is because the user encounter is superior for Android phones in comparison to that of the Symbian phones. I’ve written the after write-up to inform you of the newest updates in regards to Symbian and Android phones. Android phones are fairly unique from the iPhone by Apple. In this stage, the winner of the confrontation will go certainly to Android version. Motorola is usually held responsible for the popularity of the Android smartphone than any other manufacturer.

Here’s a word of tips for those intending to acquire an Android smartphone. In most circumstances, you pay a considerably less price if you happen to buy a smartphone under a contract. The other scheme is where you buy the telephone below a yearly contract. The current Symbian phone hasn’t improved the usability of this type of telephone. A droid mobile meets the changing wants of the phone users. The mobile phone need to be already supplied with the front camera.

Then to carry out the unlocking operation, simply hold the telephone appropriate in front of user’s face. When it comes to quite a few advanced uniqueness, the Ice Cream Sandwich comes equipped using the Face Unlock technologies. The former will be the latest while the later is an old software program. Developers have to buy the Google’s software development kit in order to generate modifications in the software program. However, regardless of a great deal of differences, both share one widespread function and that is their openness. These, nonetheless, are not probable with the iPhone.

However, Symbian is then again to acquire favor with the mainstream US buyers. However, that doesn’t mean that you are bound towards the contract and can’t switch the carrier. And in contrast to the laptop or computer marketplace, Windows doesn’t have a dominant marketplace share in the smartphone segment.

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Sajith@buy domain name - June 7, 2012

What ever and who ever can say anything on Symbian, but my choice is still remaining steady on Android. I love android and I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 at the moment.

    Naser Mohd Baig - June 7, 2012

    No doubt Android is best ๐Ÿ™‚

      Sujoy - June 9, 2012

      Yes Android is best Today I have baught HTC One ๐Ÿ™‚

      It is awesome !

        Naser Mohd Baig - June 9, 2012

        Congrats Sujoy ๐Ÿ™‚

        Brian Barrett - November 18, 2012

        Symbian alongside Linux are totally transparent, unlike the likes of Microsoft, Google or the Apple corporates. Get real, Samsung won in the UK and elsewhere, but lost in the US. Apples win just shows how the US will put up so called judges to back their own corporations. Blame the corruption in the US, nether mind about the rest of the world. Samsung put up a great product, the Lemmings at Apple copied Simbian period, and when Samsung had a better product at a better price, which was more open within its OS, then they cried like lost sheep. Apple Iphone=use only our software just like Microsoft. Just like the US tries to order the rest of the world how to live when it’s own political system is corrupt to the hilt with 2 Billion dollars on an election on a 2 party state on both sides. Get real world, just look at Linux and Symbian openess, that is true democracy. I’m just off to buy a Nokia N8 just for the hell of it, and play some of my old time great pc games through Dosbox.

Sujoy - June 7, 2012

I am using Nokia C6 and recently going to buy HTC One but I am much aware of Battery Backup of Android as it is too much poor than Symbian !

Ahmed - June 7, 2012

You are right android’s battery time is poor than symbian but in features android is greater than symbian.

    Sujoy - June 7, 2012

    Yes I am agreeing with you becoz Android is the next platform and far improved released version and if there is no difference in Symbian and Android there will be no attraction ๐Ÿ™‚

Puneet@kids learning - June 7, 2012

Ofcourse Android. Symbian is good for the people who are not a big fond of cell phones.

Felicia - June 7, 2012

Although Symbian ruled for a time โ€“ pre iOS and Android, it is currently a dying platform of mobile operating system as its capability is very much outdated.

Adeline - June 7, 2012

Its going to take a hell of a lot to beat the Android right now, so its pretty obvious who the winner is ๐Ÿ™‚ Long Live Android!!!

Becca - June 8, 2012

Whatever brand it is, they have advantages and disadvantages. It is how you use
it and value.

Kunal@Best GPRS speed - June 9, 2012

Without a second thought i would go for Android. Gone are the days when Symbian used to be the top OS.

amancarlos - June 10, 2012

great responses here!
nokia fanboy here, and i hate whatever it is that nokia made to make symbian touch.
its a great OS for non touchscreens, my backup phone is still E63.

Android rules for the following reasons:
1. Google being a software only company, can concentrate there.
2. Google sticks to its ways, unlike nokia ditching intel and going for microsoft.
3. Android rooting, romming, compiling, and what not!
4. I hate the ‘certificate expired’ error.
5. Symbian wasnt meant for touch and Nokia wasted 2 years to optimize it correctly. think nokia 5800, n97.

After saying all that, i would love to buy a symbian non-touch bar phone, as my backup till the world gets good battery solutions to power my android! Cheers!

    Sujoy - June 10, 2012

    Nice Explanation Amancarlos ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am really appreciated with your thoughts !

Sara - June 10, 2012

I’m all for Android! It has more cool apps than Symbian!

Eric Lewis - June 11, 2012

Recently, I have read out all sentences and symbian has good battery storage but android is the very nice features compared to symbian so I would like to android because of android is the newest version of mobile technology. Nokia lovers are like that symbian apps. And other people should go for android.

    Sujoy - June 12, 2012

    Dear Eric I am agreeing that smart people is having smart choices and some peoples thinks Old is Gold ๐Ÿ™‚

    Android the upgraded Smart OS

    Symbian the Perfect handy choice for casual users !

amancarlos - June 24, 2012

an excerpt from gsmarena’s nokia 808 pureview review:

“So hats off to the Finns – there are no two ways about it. With the Microsoft deal a gamble that’s yet to pay off, with plenty of people unable to get over the way MeeGo was treated, with a market obsessed with software and apps, you’d think they’d have other things on their mind than developing what’s probably the most revolutionary technology this industry has seen for quite some time. Madness? This is Nokia.”

one of the best lines written about nokia!

rahul.del - July 26, 2012

Well I don’t know if anybody knows it or not but Nokia has announced that they have partnered with Vodafone India and Airtel and Reliance to offer integrated billing solutions on the Nokia Store in India. This would let users download apps from the Nokia Store and pay for their downloads as part of their monthly mobile phone bills or have the amount deducted from the pre-paid balance.
This would surely increase the earning potential of the paid apps that developers submit. Hence Symbian It Is!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Go To: http://www.earnwithappsnow.com/ and start submiting more & more apps to earn more!!

    Naser Mohd Baig - July 26, 2012

    Thanks for information Rahul. I have knowledge about Android developing but I don’t know even the basics in symbian.

      Ronnie - October 7, 2012

      i’m having developing skills in both android (plainly java) and symbian (Symbian.C++ , java, ActionScript(flash), HTML, Ruby, Python, Qt and many more)

      Programming Nokias are way easier than programming droids..I admit using symbian C++ is somewhat hard. but once you get onto it. you’ll have a nice time..

      But, it becomes easier to program on Qt, with same potential…

      But, while making an lightweight (yet dynamic!) app, Python is best, as it has lots (i say tons) of modules to play with.

    Rohit Malhotra - July 27, 2012

    Dear Rahul You should remove this Affiliated Link !

      Naser Mohd Baig - July 27, 2012

      I have removed that affiliate link. Thanks for pointing it out Rohit. It is very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hiraj - November 16, 2012

Yes Android is more best than Symbian but
It is more hard to Download Application in Android than Symbian.

lenin - February 28, 2013

im using galaxy pro, a basic android. battery life is horrible. 2 times charging a day make me feel that its a daily duty. i being a casual user with limited app requirement. planning to movie to nokia e5. anyways the external body hardness battery all of Nokia e5 if compared is better than those of galaxy pro
……… i may come back to android after a long time if samsung,other makers coming with predominantly long life battery..

…. Thanks for the reviews n infos. good day all of U

Abera Tibebu - April 15, 2013

Oh! android is the best app than symbian even it is difficult to download.

trilok maitry - October 5, 2013

Hi my name is Trilok friendship.
Do you know? symbian OS can
run in the android OS. Sure you
may or may not be listening
here. My Nokia is 3OS in 5233.
Symbian, java and androidII.
Main OS – SYMBIAN S / W vir. –
52.0.1 Model – n5233.
Nice symbian


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